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    Ha Ha Check this out... Saw this while browsing yahoo today..
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    Hokko No Kamae/SPEAR

    As one of the Defensive Tactics Instructors for the Sheriff's Office that I work for, I was sent to attend an Instructor's course for Tony Blauer's SPEAR system. I was kinda tickled by the fact that to me its nothing more than a modified Hokko No Kamae. Don't get me wrong the material taught it...
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    New Gyokko Ryu Book

    I searched the forum to see if this has been discussed and I didn't find anything on it. But I just came across this book on Ebay and I bought it. I haven't received it yet but if anyones already purchased one and read...
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    History Channel's "Warriors"

    If anyone is interested there is a TV show on the History Channel named "Warriors", where a Special Forces guy goes around and learns all the fighting skills of ancient warriors. There was one episode on the Samurai and to my surprise they had one of the Japanese Shihans demonstrating the Jo and...
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    The passing of Dick Severance

    With the deepest sympathies to those who knew Dick Severance. Mr. Severance has passed away on 05/18/09 may he rest in peace.
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    Gyokushin Ryu Ninpo

    Hey guys I was wondering when did Soke acknowledged this Ryu as part of the Bujinkan? I was rereading most of his books and I noticed in a couple of his first books that he didn't include this particular ryu as part of the Bujinkan. I see that he is the 21st Soke to Gyokushin Ryu but not much...
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    Royal Kung Fu Kun Tao?

    Have any of you guys ever heard of this particular style of Kung Fu? I have an nephew who is interested in Kung Fu and they are offering this particular style at the local YMCA in Tampa, Fl. Here's a website to this style any info will be highly appreciated.
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    Bujinkan Bashing

    Hey guys I've come across these clips on youtube bashing the Bujinkan. Quite frankly I feel that this person does not understand the principles of the Bujinkan way of fighting. They are obviously biased and do not understand the difference between training for sport and training for self...
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    MSN discusses "Ninjas"

    Hey guys theres a clip on MSN discussing Ninjas.
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    Senban and Bo Shuriken

    Greetings folks...I was looking to find out what was the amount of bo shuriken carried? I know that traditionally with the Senban it was 9 but I don't know what if any was the amount of Bo Shuriken carried?
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    $10.000 Dollar Hatsumi Picture

    Hey folks I was just wondering what is the story behind the famous $10,000 dollar picture of Hatsumi Sensei? I searched the forums to see if a prior thread was made but didn't find any. Any info will be greatly appreciated thanks. Heres a link to the picture...