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  1. Drakanyst

    Martial Arts Scholarships?

    Does anyone know of any martial arts scholarships? I've seen the one posted by the BLF [Bruce Lee Foundation]. While it is vague on the qualifications on the site, there seems to be little else aside from miscellaneous martial arts organizations [of which you have to be a member of]. Any input...
  2. Drakanyst

    LGBTQA members?

    I am interested in your experiences in martial arts. Were they positive? Do you have any defining memories of your time in martial arts? Have you had any issues in your school based on orientation or preference?
  3. Drakanyst

    Sacramento CA- K Tigers Demonstration Team Performance Next week!

    For those of you interested, there is going to be a demonstration by the K Tigers at American River College next week. Tickets are $20. This team is known worldwide and incredibly engaging to watch. Besides, who doesn't like neat kicks, breaking stuff and fighting?
  4. Drakanyst


    hey folks! i'm not really "new" in the sense that my account was made a while ago. i have, however, been a lurker. got about fourteen years of martial arts experience and going. currently i'm training at a university in korea with a major in taekwondo security. while i may not be the eldest...
  5. Drakanyst

    Bo Kata Help?

    I am from a traditional Korean martial arts school. When our instructor gave us an assignment to learn more bo techniques, he told us to go to the source (namely, Okinawan practice). We have recently begun to train in Okinawan Bo Kata, however, I would like to try to find a "dueling" Bo Kata, if...