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    Grammar and spelling tips

  2. Xequat

    This just in...the mine collapse was Bush's fault, too!!!

    Well, this should come as no surprise, but now it's apparently Bush's fault that the mine collapsed the other day, killing twelve workers. That came from Randi Rhodes, the left's loudmouth equivalent of Rush Limbaugh, on Air America yesterday. According to Rhodes, Bush was in bed with some...
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    Any such thing as two-player mahjongg?

    Just curious because I can't find anything on the internet and it's only my wife and me in my house who can play unless you count the 7-month old who can definitely play with the pieces, but not the right way. Anyway, I am terrible at the game anyway because I just started learning it recently...
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    Last day of work

    I'm quitting my job at the airport on the busiest day of the year. My last day will be on Sunday, November 27. Any ideas for what I can pull off?
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    My new religion

    I'm not sure if this belongs in the Study, but I'm not sure if it belongs in the Comedy Cafe or the Rec Room either, because it appears to be a real movement. I kind of think it holds as much merit as a religion as some other religions do, though, so maybe it should be accepted even though it's...
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    The new Wonder Woman...who do you like?

    Been reading the movie threads on here and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of who might make a good Wonder Woman for the upcoming (2007) release of Wonder Woman. I'm not quite sure, because with Joss Whedon writing it, I don't really know what kind of movie it will be. It could be...
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    What does your name mean?

    Thought I'd start a thread about how we came up with our user names (or real names, if you'd like). Some of our user names are kind of obvious because they're our real names, but others...not so much. For example, I've been asked what "Xequat" means, so I wondered how other people came up with...
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    Grammar and spelling tips

    I'd like to start a thread not to sound smarter than I am or anything, but just to compile some of the grammatical errors we see here and elsewhere for those who might not know better. Most of the times, the errors here don't detract from the message that's being posted, so maybe it's not a big...
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    Abortion compromise...what do you think?

    I've mentioned this idea briefly in another thread, but I'd like opinions from both sides on how to fix the abortion disagreement. Currently, the law says that someone is dead when their brain waves stop; not when their heart or lungs or anything else stops, but when their brain waves stop. So...
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    Cats and dogs commentary

    My buddy told me this one the other day...I don't know if he made it up or got from somewhere, but it makes sense. If you have a dog, you come home and give it food and water and treats and toys and lots of love and attention, anbd the dog thinks "Wow. This person must be some kind of a god...
  11. Xequat

    Random thought on health care crisis

    OK, this was just a random thought I had and it doesn't play to either political party yet, so I thought I'd throw it out there to anyone who knows something about the health care cirsis. What would you think about "alternative medicine" helping lower the costs? The argument that tort reform...
  12. Xequat

    Diabetes and meridians

    I recently started studying pressure points and meridians, and I was wondering if anyone knows of anything that I should be careful about. My instructor tells me that the spleen meridian would be a bad one to attack, so we usually stay off of it in class, but does anyone else know of anything...
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    Ho Ho Ho Merry marketing!

    Is this disturbing to anyone else? The wife and I were in the grocery store the other day and saw Christmas cards for sale! Not only were there Christmas cards on sale, but they were HALF OFF!!! What the...
  14. Xequat

    Types of Tai Chi and sound?

    OK, I've been all through my college stuff and the Internet and I can't figure this out. In college, I took a Tai Chi class and it wasn't Tai Chi Chuan. It was Tai Chi Something Else. I only started at the end of my school year and it was too demanding at the time to continue. But I remember the...