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  1. Doc_Jude

    "Sharia law in UK is 'unavoidable'"??????????

    The Archbishop of Canterbury says the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK "seems unavoidable". This sure seems a slippery slope to me.
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    Larry The Cable Guy!?!

  3. Doc_Jude

    You Know You've Been in Martial Arts Too Long When...

    You know you've been in the martial arts too long when you.... - can't walk by anyone in your school without exchanging a flurry of mock strikes and kicks. - have the urge to bow everytime you leave or enter a room. - are introduced to someone and you bow to greet them. - think to yourself...
  4. Doc_Jude

    Judo: Forms Good or Forms Bad?

    Apparently on various forums, Kata/Waza have taken on a negative light. The reigning Internet Judo experts seem to believe that forms are unnecessary and actually a waste of time, while historically both Kano-sensei and Mifune-sensei recommend bi-weekly form training for those that appear to...
  5. Doc_Jude

    Cold Steel Challenge!!! Who's There?

    This weekend!!! Who's there?
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    "Correct" Barong Draw?

    I saw this on another site (FMA Museum) "Here, GM Yuli demonstrates the correct way to draw the barong from its wooden sheath." "In his inimitable way, GM Yuli makes a point about the use of the barong. Note the intricate woodwork on the handle of his barong, a gift from a...
  7. Doc_Jude

    Savate Knife - Like Cs Desperado

    Check this out, folks. I want one! $400.00-Blade( 440C Stainless steel with a Bead Blast finish along with the Guild Logo and Numbered. as well as file work...
  8. Doc_Jude

    Rudy Terlinden - Pentjak Silat Ratu Adil Juru 1

    Bepak Guru Besar Rudy Terlinden doing Juru 1 from his Silat style:
  9. Doc_Jude

    Possible James Y. Lee Wisdom?
  10. Doc_Jude

    HUMAN WEAPON on History Channel

    Uechi-ryu master just broke a baseball bat with the radius bone of this right forearm. No BS, that's a HUMAN WEAPON!!! :) Who's watching? (10pm Fridays on History Channel)
  11. Doc_Jude

    Cold Steel Challenge

    Anyone else going to the Challenge this year? 2007 Scheduled Events > Knife Fighting > Sword Fighting > NEW Spear Fighting > NEW Sword & Shield Fighting Throwing Contests: > Throwing Knives > Tomahawks > Torpedo > Samburu Spear > Special Forces Shovel...
  12. Doc_Jude

    Hi from Victorville, CA!

    I'm Jim, & I'm a n00b! Good to be here :)