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  1. adpatterson

    Am I Man Enough for Ninjutsu?

    Ok, Wanted to get more advice. After posting for some reading on Ninjutsu, I decided it wasn't enough and went to two classes about an hour from me, on Thursday evening and Saturday morning. The results were not spectacular. According to my doctor this afternoon I had a dislocated left...
  2. adpatterson

    Ninja History Book

    Hey there, Quick question. Ive read some of the forums here but sometimes its hard to see through all the bickering. Im a non martial artist, who enjoys watching martial arts. I am looking for a book to read that would give me the background of the ninja, their beliefs, purpose, rituals...
  3. adpatterson

    Help Deciding Which Martial Art is Best For Me

    Hi there I'm new to MA's, I have never tried any martial arts and have watch very little (mainly my brother - he did BJJ for 2 years). I have been familiarizing myself with an overview of the Arts, trying to decide which is best for me. I thought you guys could help, so I made a list of things...