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    Grammar and spelling tips

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    Driving: Pet Peeves

    Good ones so far; I'm with ya on most of them. One of my big ones that I'm surprised I haven't seen mentioned yet is rubberneckers. Trust me, folks, if there's 15 cops, EMT's, and firefighters around the accident, it's being handled and they don't need you to help. And if you're curious to...
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    Flora in your stomach

    Is there a certain type of yogurt that's better than others? There are whipped ones and fat-free and probably low-carb like everything else has, etc. Are there certain ones with better cultures than others? I remember when my dog ate something she shouldn't, that the vet recommended yogurt...
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    Bird Flu

    Then so is a conspiracy of this magnitude.
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    Nope, everything ppko wrote is wrong. Just kidding; I'm going to pay for that in class. But I do agree that loose is almost always, if not always better. I can't think of any situations where tight would be better, but I'm sure that there are some. Like rutherford stated, tight muscles will...
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    Air America Tuned Out?

    Well, the article does say that the lease expires April 1st...coincidence? Could be a joke. Are all political opinion sites attempted to be banned there? I mean, it seems consistent to ban both the left and right sites like Air America and O'Reilly and Limbaugh, although I don't really think...
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    Troops say U.S. should leave Iraq, poll shows

    I'd like to see the actual survey questions asked. That's too high a number, so there has to be something else at work here, like you say. In the article, Zogby states that both of those things are demonstrably false, but really, only the first part is demonstrably false, regarding Hussein's...
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    Games that we're glad don't exist as t.v entertainment

    War, the card game. I'm about to fall asleep just thinking about a movie like that.
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    The importance of posture every day

    Excellent idea for a thread. I sit a lot with my new job, so my wife, also a massage therapist and exercise physiologist, whatever that means, says to stretch the hamstrings whenever possible because the sitting position, even with good posture, shortens the hamstrings, which over time can lead...
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    Republicans who would vote Democrat in the next election

    I'll second that. It's way too early to tell, though. If it's Lieberman or some moderate Democrat versus some extremist Republican, then I won't think twice about it; I'll go with a moderate Democrat over an extreme Republican anyday, but that's nothing new due to the allusions in the loaded...
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    Hartman's Color Code -- which are you?

    Yeah, I got yellow, too. I'm not sure I buy it though, since there were only four possibilities, and none of them really fit me that well, but all of them fit me to a degree. I guess yellow is the closest of the four, though.
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    OMG post count!

    Haha, absolutely. Do you think he likes blondes or brunettes better? Or maybe even redheads? Well, I don't know, so I guess I'll just have to spring for all three! Yep, they should be there any day now, all three dressed up nice in a ghi...and only a ghi! Enjoy!
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    OMG post count!

    Yeah, I think I just went up around 50-something posts. I was only a few away from getting my MT blackbelt, but now I have 551 posts! Yay me! Seriously, though, what happened?
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    Seriously funny

    No Dad's name is also Tony and I just did one for him and he got "The Joy of Tony." My mom's name is Joy!
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    Seriously funny

    Gotta Lotta Tony.
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    Security Warning!

    Yes, thanks Bob and lady kaur.
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    Muhammad cartoon

    I just heard on the radio yesterday that some cleric in Pakistan has now offered a one-million dollar hit on the Danish cartoonist. Is it really worth a millions dollars, and if this SOB has a million to spend on something to support Islam, how about building a school or something? Is that...
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    Security Warning!

    Thanks for that, Bob. I've never responded to one of those, but I have gotten a couple of them before. Do you know if there is somewhere we can send the IP address if we believe that it's a fake? FBI or something?
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    Palm Strike

    Does anyone know if there's any truth to the story about a palm-heel strike to the nose breaking cartilage loose and going into the brain to kill a person? I'm sure most of us have heard of that technique, but I don't know if it's really true, because I've heard that it was false. If so, how...
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    Kicking- High or Low?

    I pretty much only kick to my opponent's head if it's near the ground already, meaning I try not to kick above my own waist. Shin shots (esp to Spleen 6) are among my favorite kicks, and I like to use my legs for balance. In tournament fighting, I might throw a few high kisks or mid-level to...
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    Self-defense course syllabus for young girls

    Just a couple of things to add...I heard a guest on a radio talk show a few days talking about what she teaches in her classes for women, and the biggest point she made about reacting is that even though you are taken off guardm you can recover quickly if you remember to breathe. She asks a lot...
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    Build your own Gas Mask for about $30

    I kind of thought it was a joke at first, but that is really cool.
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    Band Names????

    I was in a band for a little bit called Perfect Nonsense, but it didn't really fit our style. One name we all kind of laughed about for maybe a punk/emo style band is Alex Trebek Sucks. It was probably only funny to us because we love those SNL skits about Jeopardy and we all kind of disliked...
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    Kicks and the hips

    If I understand what you're talking about, I would recommend either chiropractic or massage to get it tender, then an exercise that I sometimes used to do was to stand there and throw a very slow side kick/side thrust, whatever, to get my leg horizontal. Then, hold it out as well as you can...
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    Has anyone knocked someone out with their chi?

    I would consider actually doing it some pretty good evidence for most things. I saw a video a while ago of Dillman and some other DKI guys doing some no-touch ko's for a 60th birthday party or some such thing and they had guys hooked up to ekg's or eeg's; I forget which, but they were clearly...
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    Bird Flu

    Here are some references to what you're writing about, sgtmac_46: "So far, all but a handful of cases of human sickness have been caused by direct contact with sick birds, suggesting the virus is unable to move...
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    Has anyone knocked someone out with their chi?

    Yeah, yeah...ever eaten a Chimichanga from a Chi-Chi's restaurant? Triple could get three people at once. Anyway, akja's exactly right. If their proo fthat it does work is to actually do it, and you are the one saying that it is faked, then it's up to you to find someone or...
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    Has anyone knocked someone out with their chi?

    I'm just all of the skeptics that say it's stage magic and hypnosis, is there any proof of that or anyone who was a part of an organization that practiced it that has come forward and said that it's BS? Because it would really help the argument if there were some evidence. I have...