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  1. Gulo

    Jujutsu and Arnis

    Hi, I'm interested to hear from folks whose primary MA were judo/jujitsu/grappling and then took arnis or escrima and also vice versa. How would you compare your stick skills now to the style of Balintawak. After all it is no secret this style had a little history of combat judo (from what i've...
  2. Gulo

    mass attack drills

    recently i feel i can control my environment more if i'm inside the chaos than outside. of course i can easily be trampled because of size, but not if someone gets on the floor before me:) . i'd like to hear more of your thoughts!
  3. Gulo

    Kalantiaw knife defense

    Long ago i saw a tape of the founder of this art. Are there anybody here who is familiar with the L-stepping. Just wondering if it actually works with disarms shown..i think he is associated with Dikiti Tirsia, i could be wrong.
  4. Gulo


    Paquiao - Morales Good fight fast hands with good stepping
  5. Gulo

    witik at abanico

    in my limited understanding of espada y daga, the use of these two, do not originate or belong in it but only in stick fighting. does anybody have any use for these strikes with swords and also with short blades. i can only imagine using abanico prior to a thrust. maraming salamat po! :asian:
  6. Gulo


    pingga or dos manos does anyone here trains with this pilipino style of wooden sword fighting?thanks:asian:
  7. Gulo

    nerves of steel

    my tiny hands are made for romancing:D and i want it to stay that way:boxing: but when doing unconventional systema strikes, those tiny nerves along the back of my hands, fingers and knuckles flares up providing enough discomfort to stop using them. this happens when my hands are...
  8. Gulo

    # of strikes in sparring

    some say sparring is closest to a real fight, therefore some stickfighters believe that it will go the ground or suffer overwhelming defeat sooner than we think. i don't go to tournaments and spar. i have only seen (stick)sparring in videos and web clips and from what i've seen, the...
  9. Gulo

    dancing cheek to cheek

    one of the hardest lesson (for me that is) i am getting used to is 'attaching' with my training partner. i'm so used to thinking that distance is safety. please don't tell me it's fear, we're all good looking in my class:rofl:
  10. Gulo


    hello everyone, is there anyone familiar with the system of 'kalis-kalis ng Tinagalogan'. there is a guro based in california who may or soon to have, a video and or certification series. thanks, E