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    Conroy Nelson RIP

    Conroy Nelson, the Jamaican/Canadian Kickboxer and Boxer has died at the age of 62. After a promising career as a kickboxer, Conroy transitioned to boxing, and was the Canadian Heavyweight champion. Some of his notable fights were with Trevor Berbick and Razor Ruddock. He was an early opponent...
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    World Martial Arts Live

    So, we all know Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Facebook Live is not the ideal way to study martial arts, but with international travel being so restricted, the chance to train with international instructors is very limited these days. I'm about to join in on 24 hour marathon of martials arts, with...
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    Black Belt article on Capital Conquest

    Here is an article from Black Belt magazine written by my good friend Perry Kelly about the recent Capital Conquest and the return to the ring of Bill Wallace, Wally Slocki and Jean-Yves Theriault. Return Of The Dragons
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    Steve "Nasty" Anderson RIP

    Just received word that Steve Anderson has passed away.
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    Capital Conquest 2019

    Here in Ottawa, we have an annual martial arts convention called Capital Conquest. I just got back from it. I was unable to attend the Friday night events which included a series of kickboxing matches which culminated in exhibition fights between Bill "Superfoot"Wallace and Wally Slocki,and...
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    Judoka.. great old documentary

    I have always enjoyed this old documentary by the National Film Board of Canada about Doug Rogers training in Japan with Kimura.
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    Update on Steve "Nasty" Anderson

    Fighting for his life
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    Funny the things you find in old magazines.

    I was recently gifted with a library of martial arts books and magazines from a good friend of mine. Started flipping through a copy of Black Belt from 2009. First thing I notice is a letter to the editors from someone I know. Keep flipping pages, there's an article on Jow Ga kung fu. Now, I...
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    Mental disconnect in martial arts theory

    Borrowed this from another thread 1) Any such techniques are inherently far, far, far less tested than the rest of what I teach. For example, if I'm teaching a right cross: I've landed multiple right crosses in real fights. My teachers have done the same. Through personal experience, first...
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    RIP George Serei

    A true pioneer in Canadian martial arts history has passed at 98 years of age. A direct student of Kawaishi in France, a WWII Commando. I will miss my semi regular seminars with him. Fortunately he has passed his knowledge onto his sons, who continue the family's martial arts legacy. In 1958...
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    Who is the craziest person you know in the martial arts?

    Should manage some "interesting"stories from this. Craziest guy I've met through the martial art would be a guy named Serge Laflamme. Serge has a Guinness Book of Records listing for brick breaking. Tried to make a living for a while doing brick breaking demos at boxing and kickboxing events...
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    Dojo 50th anniversary

    Every year for the past 26 years, Therien Jiu Jitsu have hosted a large martial arts convention called Capital Conquest. This year is also the 50th anniversary of Therien Jiu Jitsu. I'm about to head off to join an international group of martial artists for a day of training and celebration...
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    Jean-Yves Theriault shows his school

    Audio is not always good, but nice vid of Jean-Yves showing his work space.
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    How to celebrate club's 50th anniversary

    It is a rare occasion that a martial arts club gets to celebrate 50 years in business, to celebrate Therien Jiu Jitsu has brewed up a limited edition beer in conjunction with a local craft brewery. I'll pick some up next week, and give it a taste testing. Just for martial arts historical...
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    Local Martial Arts Actor on front page

    Imagine my surprise when I look at my morning paper and the front page article is about my friend Alain Moussi and the debut of his new movie Kickboxer Retaliation Ottawa action star Alain Moussi is making movies for kicks
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    So much history

    Joe Corley This is a picture of 3 generations of kickboxers. Jeff Smith, the original light heavyweight PKA champion, Jean-Yves Theriault and Benoit Ladouceur, current champion.
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    Spent a day with Leo Gaje

    So yesterday I went to an all day seminar with Leo Gaje (Grand Tuhon Supremo) and Phil Gelinas(Sled Dog). It was a knife based seminar, and GT put us through our paces. GT explained the Tri-V formula and how the body is formed of triangles. Had an opportunity to work out a bit with Phil Gelinas...
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    Jui-jitsu and Kuatsu

    I have been collecting martial arts books for a long time, just got a copy of this book in the mail, and at first glance I am impressed by the size of this beast. 915 pages long. And yes, jui-jitsu is how it is spelled out on the cover. It is on the art(s) of Professor Kam Hock Hoe. Should keep...
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    Don't teach Judo if you don't know Judo

    In the Abouts Breakfalks thread, we discussed the possibility that the OP was not learning actual judo techniques from his instructor, but "judo-inspired" techniques. This video is an example of someone who obviously knows nothing about this throw, attempting to teach it
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    Drawing blade under pressure?

    I was having a discussion on knives and self defense on Facebook, I suggested that practicing the ability to actually get your weapon out while being attacked is something that should be practiced, to see if you favourite thumb stud, hole or flipper works under pressure. The reaction I got from...
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    Kickboxer Vengeance

    Last night I went to a special showing of the movie Kickboxer Vengeance. It was a private screening with the actor who plays the main character in the movie being there. I say the main character, not star as most people will be more familiar with the co-stars(Jean Claude Van Damme, Gina Carano...
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    Inspiring video One-legged Judoka

    I'm very impressed by this man's ability to work around his disability. Great work!
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    Prefer training in cooler weather or hot?

    Living in an area with four distinct seasons(usually), I find that we adjust our training intensity according to the weather. Do you prefer to train when the humidity is so high, blinking makes you sweat and is all the warmup you need, or in cooler weather where it is necessary to do longer...
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    Southnarc in Canada

    I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting Southnarc in Cobourg (Cobourg is approx. 1 hour east of Toronto)the weekend of May 1-3. Special guest instructor will be Paul Sharp of ISR Matrix. Details to follow. Contact me at
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    WWII Combatives seminar Ottawa June 16

    I'm pumped! Sensei Cris Anderson will be doing another seminar on WWII combatives. I was at his last one and it was excellent,great history and solid technique. theBudoTrader presents a free seminar... Sensei Cris Anderson: Applegate Method of WWII Combatives June 16, 2008 7:00 to 9:00...
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    WWII combatives seminar Fairbairn method Ottawa On April 2

    Sensei Cris Anderson - WWII Hand to Hand Combatives: Fairbairn Method Sensei Cris is the Ottawa authority on WWII Combatives. April 2 6:30 - 8:30 Bluewater Martial Arts Academy, 1587 Laurier St, Rockland ON
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    Soutnarc in Ontario Canada May 30-June 1

    ShivWorks Canada 2008 Seminar The ShivWorks Canada seminar in 2008 will delve even deeper into the unequal initiative criminal event. The problems examined will become more severe with all evolutions involving multiple assailants and weapons. Techniques and tactics will be presented to provide...
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    Jack Dempsey highlight reel

    As there has been so much discussion about Jack Dempsey on this board lately, and as I just finished reading A Flame of Pure Fire, The first round of the Dempsey Willard fight of 1919.
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    Zero tolerance in schools-good or bad?

    This is a spin-off from the self defense in schools thread. Most school boards have a zero tolerance for violence policy. This includes fighting back. If you are attacked/assaulted, and fight back, you get suspended. I think this is a knee-jerk reaction to some unfortunate situations involving...
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    Bruce Tegner

    What do people on this forum think of Bruce Tegner?