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    Anyone else start Wing Chun by accident?

    I was actually teaching Karate in the late 90's and covering another Sensei's school. There was a furniture store next store and the manager was in his 60's and had a background in Wing Chun an showed me some things. Years later, and after being out of Karate for so long, I decided to pick up...
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    People are getting too worked up over a list no one seems to care about.
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    Slam Set Wing Chun Demo

    I practice Wing Chun. No, it isn't Wing Chun. From what I've seen and read only about Simonet, these movements are taking from his Silat training.
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    Bong Sau

    Don't sweat it. There's the pendulum effect you'll have to deal with in learning Wing Chun. You're too tense one class and too relaxed the next, and the next week your too tense but less so, and the next class you are too relaxed but less so, and so on and so on until you've found your balance...
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    I noticed I was putting an unusual amount of power into the dummy last night...

    Haha, that happens to me quite frequently at the gym because someone always manages to put 30lbs dumbbells in between the 50lbs ones.
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    Fixed Techniques During Chi Sao

    Then point them to the nearest Krav Maga school, which I've done that before. I have the personal practice of only teaching Wing Chun to those who want to learn Wing Chun. I've met people that needed to learn how to protect themselves tomorrow and Wing Chun doesn't meet their needs and I hope...
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    Class Tonight!

    You're 100% correct, it is his right. However, when you flood youtube with endless videos, call yourself a 'master', and act like quite the character ("squeeze the titties!") then people are going to ask questions about you and your history and then make comments on how odd it is that someone is...
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    "Black Flag" Wing Chun? Huh?

    Looks like a mash up between white crane (the overall movements) with chow-gar (southern mantis) energy snapping/whipping. Pretty cool.
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    Class Tonight!

    Wingchun100, I'm pretty positive I know who your instructor is. If we are thinking about the same person, then he's a great guy and I wish I got to work out with him more while I was living in Boston (I was trying to make it out to Albany at least once a month).
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    What do you know about Sifu Colin Ward (Leeds, UK)

    The 'purewingchun' domain name is a little off putting, but its just a domain name and I can understand the sentiment that they chose it because they don't teach anything but Wing Chun and/or they do not want to modify it to fit what the public is looking for in relation to trends in training...
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    How long into your training before you learnt Chi Sao?

    I'm going to assume by chi-sao you mean two arm chi-sao and not don-chi-sao (one arm) In my first school/org it was literally at least a year before you got into poon-sao (aka beginner chi-sao), after chum kiu. They were trying to over organize the syllabus so they could market the system and...
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    Wing Chun: At least an hour of SLT a day, most days I'll get another hour and a half practicing things past SLT. I take off sometime if I've taught for the day. Gym: Weights, three times a week. Other: I spend 45 minutes doing a lot of stretching (a lot taken from Yoga) at home before I make...
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    which is it your favorite attack?

    Heat vision.
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    Master Wong - Legit?

    And a very loaded one.
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    Ok, how do you get to THAT point.....?

    Like you, I was received my 1st dan ranking in SKK, and just like you I had that issue of not being able to dynamically respond to an attack. There were a lot of times I would just freeze during the 'dragon circle' and this greatly affected my confidence if I was ever able to get into a...
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    Master Wong - Legit?

    My money is on this wingchunguy is a very strong anti-Cheung dude who is just posing as an overzealous TWC student in an attempt bring grief Cheung's students.
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    After Training Kenpo/Kempo What Style Did You Do Next

    Did Shaolin Kempo with USSD. Did a month of Shaolin Kung Fu a coupe of years later, which was the school's Sifu's mix of southern and northern styles he learned over the decades and then eventually the student would move onto learning North Praying Mantis as the primary style. Moved on from that...
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    Butterfly Knives

    I haven't seen these in America, or any where else, but I'm planning on having some really simple knives made out of sheet metal using my nicer knives as a template. This way I can practice with the weight (currently using wooden knives) and not care about dropping them.
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    He is at it again...

    I find the people who often put forth this argument are the ones who feel the system, being whatever it is, failed them when it really just failed their ego.
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    About A Sifu

    Overall? Lineage pride. That kind of bickering is always going to be around and is usually started and sustained by people new the style who have to convince themselves they their school is the one true school Ip Man will visit when he rises from the grave. More specific? There were a few...
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    Mook Jong for sale

    If it's $900 USD then its price is pretty average.
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    Sparring against a TKD guy.

    Wing Chun. [/COLOR] Stick to your game, don't play his.
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    Affordable Mook Jong Found

    PVC dummies are great if you need to set it up/break it down every time you practice because of space constraints or if you are constantly have to move it from one location to another. However, if you have dedicated room for a dummy then spend the extra $400 to $600 on a wood dummy. As others...
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    Hey guys

    Why did you choose Wing Chun? I had a background in a Kempo system that a ton of forms and techniques, so much in fact that most students really didn't comprehend how to use the material effectively. It was technique after technique and form after form. Also is was a gross mess of other systems...
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    At what point in the confrontation does 'self defense' apply?

    For me it's two situations 1. When the attack has begun: a punch, push, kick, and even flashing a weapon at me. 2. When the attack is imminent. If I can get away from the person easily then it's not self defense, if I can't and I'm convinced 100% that it's going to go down then I'm not going to...
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    Another Wing Chun Documentary...

    I stand corrected ;)
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    Another Wing Chun Documentary...

    That was more like a commercial for Cheung's son than a documentary.
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    New Fraud in Phoenix

    "Pitbull Way Fighting System" - You know you have the real deal when someone names their system after a breed of dog associated with looking tough.
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    New to Wing Chun

    That's too bad. Someone here may know of someone teaching who could just be walking distance from your house that doesn't have a website.
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    New to Wing Chun

    Where do you live? You'd be surprised at the number of schools/teachers that purposely keep a very low profile.