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  1. tempus

    How does aikido calm the mind?

    My opinion is relaxing the mind is different for the indivdual. After a long day of work I am very realxed once I slam someone to the mat after they throw a punch at my face or launch them across the room after they try to tackle me. Then again, I also take Muay Thai and I find after hitting...
  2. tempus

    Are you a good Uke?

    I know I am a different Uke depending on the experience of the person I am working with. As the belt level goes, up so does my resitance should they make a mistake or if they make a big mistake and do go into anotther technique I will counter with another attack. Low level belts I make sure I...
  3. tempus

    Fat kid has had enough

    The bully got what he deserves. I was bullied not 1 year, but years due to my size and my social habits *cough*, Dungeons and Dragons, *cough* (As my wife puts it I am a geek with muscles). Now I am 40 and everyone thinks I was a high school jock because of my size. The bullying ended junior...
  4. tempus

    Aikido and Parkinson

    Thought I would share a video about my Sensei. It is about how his training in Nihon Goshin Aikido has helped him in his fight with Parkinson's Disease. He put together this video for a seminar that he was speaking at. -Gary
  5. tempus

    Real aikido street fight

    Yes. I do the fancy throws. I flip in the air, roll out of throw, etc... One thing some people are forgetting is if I did not do those things, my shoulder would be in pieces, my wrist broken, my elbow shattered and my face crushed against the ground. In my style, if I am up against someone...
  6. tempus

    Flooring or Mat Question

    I went to one school where they had a layer of tires, foam, mat and then a canvas pulled over it. I was doing every type of fall I could think of and it was great to land on. I must be getting old....... -Gary
  7. tempus

    Flooring or Mat Question

    Just curious what type of mats or flooring does everyone use in their dojo. Over the years we have been training on 1 inch mats on concrete or wooden floors and you kind of feel the falls after a while. We just started looking at new types and was curious what everyone recommends. Thanks, Gary
  8. tempus


    I went to a NGA demo and thought it looked cool. People being thrown thru the air. Tapping at the pain they were in. It was also very different from the TKD I had taken as teenager. Going on 9 years of training now and still enjoying it, and still moving slow the day after some intense...
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    I mix in with my regular workouts. Some of the exercises I either just cannot do or I do not have the equipment, so I usually substitute with other exercises. I just started getting into working out with sandbags and I got a TRX recently for my birthday. I will be trying out the TRX later...
  10. tempus

    bad rap on aikido

    Speaking on a similar note. I found a new light in my Aikido training. I won a free two week class at another school that taught a punching and kicking art. I decided to go and I thought it was a good work out. At the end they did a self defense technique where someone chokes you from behind...
  11. tempus

    2 on 1 Sparring

    We do the same type of drills in NGA. Multiple attackers and we also doa variation where one attacker is holding you and the other person is either trying to hit you or coming at you with a knife. Same concepts: 1) Go for the weaker attacker 2) Line them up and use one as a shield. 3) Make a...
  12. tempus

    A Martial Artists Word

    I think Martial Arts can instill discipline, self respect and point someone in the right direction, but it is up to the person to decide to go down that road. I have been burned a few times in my life for taking someones "word", but yet I still do it. I was taught someones...
  13. tempus

    Black belt on your resume?

    Then again, from what I have been told over the years, if you do not catch their eye on the first page, they never look any further. So it may not matter. -Gary
  14. tempus

    Black belt on your resume?

    I work in IT and recently update my resume due to outsourcing rumors. Under hobbies I listed out my Black Belt and Personal Training Certification. One day I will use that day. Example of what I did. Be curious to see how others listed theirs. Other Experiences \...
  15. tempus

    Do training matts encourage bad technique for street defense?

    Kind of related. I have been training in NGA for 8 years on inch mats over concrete or hard wood. I try not to do the high flying break falls due to the impact and find I will try to roll out or twist into a simple side fall if I can. If I go to another dojo where they have those layered mats...
  16. tempus

    A poll

    Nihon Goshin Aikido / Black Belt / Training for 8 Years 1. Is it a good thing to question your teacher? This applies to more than technique. I think it is. Helps you to understand things better. I question all the time and get into good dicusssions. Liek when we pratice ki techniques and...
  17. tempus

    How far do you take the lock in practice?

    Usually there is some sort of energy being done that allows the lock to be put in place easily. When we train the technique that person is suppose to simulate that and work with you. I take a lock to the point someone taps or says something if there hands are not avaialble. There are some...
  18. tempus

    Question about hakama

    I am yet to wear one in class. I am still trying to learn to tie it and when I finally get it right I am horrible at rolling with it on. I tend to get some how step on it when I am getting and fall over again. Still practicing at it thou. -Gary
  19. tempus

    1 in 2000 earn their black belt - still true?

    We have a lot more kids in our school then adults. The kids stick with it until they start high school. Then sports, dating and part time jobs usually pull them away. Adults start, but rarely keep going once they start. I think they are nervous about the fall and rolls. Others I think it is...
  20. tempus

    Joint Locks

    In my art we use a lot of joint locks, which then move into throws and flips. In my opinion they work or I would not tap or fall\flip out of them. You use them as the situation unfolds. I may not want to hurt a drunk friend, but I may want to break a joint if the person has a weapon or if I...
  21. tempus

    Burpees question

    I do them as well and sometimes add a sandbag press on the squat back up. -Gary
  22. tempus

    strength vs technique

    I always try for the best technique I can; However, when I mess up I do rely on some strength to fix my mistakes. Most of my fixes usually are solid strikes to a vital point to start some energy. If I am grappling, which I am bad at, I rely on a lot more strength. With all things being equal, in...
  23. tempus

    Training for competition vs. the street

    I think both schools of training allow someone to defend themself. However, I do think if you train in one fashion or mindset with some techniques, when the time comes you will instinctively do what you have trained to do becasue that is what you know. This to me is based off the average...
  24. tempus

    Forever War: Is Joe Lieberman Right?

    You could pull all troops home and close all bases and not get involved with the affairs of the world; However, that allows for someone outside that wall to grow very powerful. If we had done this during WW2 Germany would have all of Europe, Africa and part of Asia. Then they would be...
  25. tempus

    Knuckle Pushups/Makiwara

    I went to a seminar and the guys knuckles were like three times the size of mine from years of pounding wood, rock and steel plate. Micro fractures would form in the knuckles and then heal with more bone. He was also a cop and knew when on a scene that the loser of a fight had the broken jaw...
  26. tempus

    Wii and martial art fitness

    I am not understanding why you cannot use it to improve balance? From what I have played there was some tough balance games on there? It cannot simulate defense against an attack, a kata or grappling, but I feel it can work core and balance. My wife has used it from a fitness standpoint and...
  27. tempus

    Wii and martial art fitness

    I think a lot of people on this thread may be surprised how bad they woul be on the quick thinking balance games. Move two bottom paddles with shifting your weight and moving a controller in the opposite direction, but doing having to do it in a quick time before acolored ball falls into the...
  28. tempus

    Erroneous Aikido, The Amazing Story of..

    When I can find time I do attend MacEwen Sensei advance classes. He is very fast and technique just flows. There is always something new to learn. My goal is to find more free time in 2010 so I can attend more often. -Gary
  29. tempus

    Wii and martial art fitness

    Actually some of the WII fit games could help you. A lot of the exercises that have to do with balance and hand\eye coordination could be useful. My wife does all the wii fit stuff and her balance, core and coordination have improved 10 fold. I am not able to keep up and I am the martial...
  30. tempus

    Fan Weapon Training?

    Thanks for the replies. Sorry for the double post. Connection issue and thought the first one never went thru. -Gary