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    Wing Chun south of Boston?

    I'm in located in Stoughton, MA and have been looking for Wing Chun schools, but haven't had much luck. There are two in Boston, but only during the week and the commute can be rather discouraging (aka nucking futz!). Honestly, it looks like nobody does Wing Chun close to my location, so I'm...
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    Wing Chuns schools in south of Boston

    Saw a few listings online, but nothing concrete, looking for schools in the south shore area, I'm moving there next month.
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    Wing Chun in Las Vegas/Henderson

    Just looking for any Wing Chun classes or people wanting together once a week or something like that in the Henderson/Las Vegas area. I do know the WCKFC has 2 schools here now, I have no interest in taking instruction from them.