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    Tai Chi book/video/blog recommendations? (for transparency I do practice with YMAA)
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    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    I think I would probably like their early stuff - I should probably check it out
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    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    tbh I never really did, though I know their lead singer is a massive Misfits/Samhain/Danzig fan so that's cool
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    Yang Taiji Application Project

    in my TJJ class we are also putting a serious emphasis on trying to use it's applications at real speed and 'live' situations as much as possible. One thing I will say is that once you are in the throw position we use Grasp Sparrows Tail left for (if you can manage to grab the arms etc quick...
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    Wrist lock names?

    in YMAA I believe anything with the 'Z shape' is called the 'Universal angle' or something
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    May be time to let it go

    when I practice the first part of Yang Long form - I do it 5 times, the first 3 or 4 as slow as I can manage and then the last 'fast' or mediumish but with fa jin. Master Yang Jwing Ming believes that once it has been slowed down as much as you physically can, it should be speeded up (not that...
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    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    basically been reading any decent books I can about the history of punk and or hardcore - I've read the Harley Flanagan one, the X one and the Brendan Mullen one.
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    Grip strength training.

    dunno the proper term, but the 'dropping the big brick and catching it with your fingers' one :p
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    Why does MMA name their kicks this way?

    yes I have noticed this - I can't remember off hand, but there's a guy in work who watches MMA fights constantly and when he describes a kick someone did, I almost never understand his terminology untill I see a video of the kick in question. One that particualry surprised me was how pretty much...
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    Favorite martial arts site?

    yes I have never trained in any Karate, but I really find his videos great, especially the Okinawan stuff - I also like Kung Fu Tea/Chinese Martial Studies blog, and of course the esteemed bastion of culture which this forum is :p.
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    Training for tendons, ligaments, and joints.

    I know I always bang on about it - but there is a Qi Gong Coiling Set which is very good for strengthening tendons IMO. However only one of the movements in the set (the final one) would be useful for tendons in your knee.
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    What Kind Of Martial Arts Do You Do?

    Lien Bu Quan was one of the Goshu (sorry if wrong spelling) institute patterns wasn't it? - it has lots of different stuff in it I think - even Hsing-I - personally I love the form.
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    What Kind Of Martial Arts Do You Do?

    v interesting - I've only done the first part of Lien Bu Quan and Tan Tui 1 and 2 so far, and Four Golden Points etc., and also the first part of Yang TaiJiJuan form.
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    What Kind Of Martial Arts Do You Do?

    What forms do you do in Longfist - Tan Tuis and Lien Bu Quan, Gong Li Quan etc ? Thanks
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    Favorite Martial Arts Movies

    I also massively enjoy Bloodsport and Best Of The Best, cheesy at they may be :p
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    What Kind Of Martial Arts Do You Do?

    originally ITF TKD now practice White Crane, Longfist and TaiJiJuan (YMAA) we are starting to do a bit of Sanda and Shiao Jaou (im sure thats spelt wrong) now too
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    Favorite Martial Arts Movies

    Drunken Master, Hand Of Death, Prodigal Son
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    Joe rogan and gsp podcast

    I also like how excited Joe gets when anyone uses a technique based from a TMA background in a fight
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    Intermediate Tae Kwon Do Forms

    I thought they looked very good overall - I would exaggerate the chamber of a front kick more though in a pattern, but then again that depends on schools/dojangs etc.
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    Joe rogan and gsp podcast

    I very liked it - that is the method we were taught in ITF to chamber our side kicks - though tbh we were taught to be a bit more chambered (i.e. before releasing from chamber the hip is completely sideways already/parallel to the ground, and to try to bring that knee as close to the opposite...
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    GM Jhoon Rhee has died

    I saw him at Sydney Olympics I think. at the time though I did not know ennough about to him to be as impressed as I should have been, reading about him since and watching 'When TaeKwonDo Strikes', I have realised he was a cool guy :(.
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    Hello all

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    Peng energy

    ok is 'Peng' the one that is often pronounced as 'Pong'? - if so IMO a good thing to improve it is to practice 'Embrace Moon To Chest' regularly, I know I list that exercise as the answer to everything, but I really do think it is beneficial. I think also learning to know the feel of when the...
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    Back side kick

    I never did that kick with the toes pointing downwards in (what was ITF) TKD, but in my Longfist class we have, however I'm not sure if it's a Longfist syllabus thing, or just practicing kicks in general
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    Was Oyama fake?

    I must read that Nicholas Pettas book - I liked him from presenting Imagine-Nation on NHK before I knew he was Kyokushin
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    Hello all

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    Training exercise to strengthen tendon and ligaments

    Coiling Set Qi Gong certainly seems to help me in this respect - though most of it is mainly only for the upper body, the last two movements do target the knees and hips though
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    he seems to have lots of wrestling photos on his walls - maybe he did that?
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    2 years form progression

    I used to love coming down from that side kick into the elbow smash :)