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    Uncommon weapons

    There are an awful lot of martial arts weapons out there. Some are pretty rare, and some, though I see them in catalogs, I almost never see anyone practicing with them. I remember when I first saw a nagamaki but didn't know what it's name was. Trying to look it up took a really long, long time...
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    signature move

    Do you have one? Or maybe a few? Or do you have a favorite technique? The one I personally use most often is the trachea grab. Most commonly known as the eagle claw to the throat. Not very impressive to watch, but it works on pretty much everyone. My second most used is the shadowless kick. It's...
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    So you do Boxing, huh?

    This is something I've been wondering about for awhile now. Most people already know that if you practice a martial art it's usually a good idea to keep it to yourself. Otherwise if someone else finds out about it, they tend to take that as a sign to get offended, and have to try pick a fight...
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    Finally asking for help

    I've resisted posting this for awhile, but now I think it's time to. For my entire life I've suffered from an eating disorder that I only found out had a name two years ago. It's called food neophobia. Though in my case it's slightly different from the standard definition. On top of that I also...
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    What would your Martial Art do?

    Recently I came across an article that I found amusing. I didn't read the entire thing, but the gist was how 'sport' MA wasn't any good for self defense. The scenario was 'you're at the atm, and someone comes up to you, and pulls out a gun'. It then went on to say 'If you do BJJ then you'd...
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    Flashy Techniques

    In a lot of Martial Arts videos, and books that I've gone through, it often occurs that the expert will say something along the lines of "Don't use flashy techniques, like those other people do." Now, in all of my Martial Arts experience, the only time I've ever seen anyone do anything flashy...
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    For the Mortal Kombat Fans

    The only problem with this video, is that it's to short. But other then that, enjoy.
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    High energy foods

    I work a pretty physically demanding job. And since I started doing it, I've have to make improvements to my diet to help do it. It a good amount of heavy lifting, and lots of cardio. What I want to know is what fruits, and veggies will offer enough energy to help me get through the day. I don't...
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    Kata, workout, and freespar I can't tell completely, but I think this is a Shotokan form. Anyone have any idea?
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    Ninja craze

    Ok, so we all know that the current fad in Martial Arts is MMA. And I mean no offense saying that, as the antics of the MMA fanboys are hated just as much by the serious MMA practitioners, as by the rest of us. But what about the 80's during the Ninja craze? What where the antics of the Ninja...
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    A long time ago I created a handful of exercises to help improve my Martial Arts practice. To develop several attributes that I'm completely lacking. There's just one catch. That being they require the use of another body to work with. I've shared some of them with my school, and got good...
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    Training Partner Wanted

    I guess it's about time to give this a shot, and see how it goes. I am looking for a partner in Portland Oregon, to help me with my practice. I have several exercises that I've been wanting to do, but haven't found anyone that I can work with. I practice Kung Fu, and I'm willing to train you if...
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    Tien Tae Jitsu?

    Anyone ever seen, or heard about this Martial Art? I saw someone giving an overview of it a long time ago on a public access channel. I've been looking for some better examples of it in action then what I saw that one time. From what I remember, Tien Tae Jitsu looked like a combination of Tae...
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    Myself with another form

    This video fought tooth, and nail to keep from being uploaded. But it's finally here. I'm doing a form of my own creation, and must admit I'm somewhat unhappy with it. Every time I watch it, I can only see the mistake I'm making. But regardless of that, here it is. I was planning on posting...
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    Basic Muay Thai Question

    What is the foot work involved with the reverse elbow?
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    How do you engage an opponent?

    Almost all the Martial Arts training I've seen has focused almost completely on the defensive side of things. And noticed that when sparing, a lot of Martial Artists have trouble figuring out how to move in on their opponent. I haven't had much training time as of late, and probably wont for...
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    An interesting moment

    In my Judo school, I partnered up with a black belt to do some randori. And when we grabbed each others uniforms, something about him doing that set off alarms in my head. It was suddenly "holy crap, this guy knows what he's doing!" And of course, he proceeded to give me a beating with no real...
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    Myself doing a Kata

    This is a Kata that my old Karate teacher taught me. It's one he came up with himself, and it isn't a pure Karate form. I was going to wear my green belt while doing that, as that was my rank in Karate, but me being well passed my pre-teen days, it didn't fit anymore. I also had to wear my...
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    Anyone else notice...

    That the MMA fights on T.V. - the guy who talks the most smack is usually the guy who loses the match? Now, I don't watch MMA very much, so I can't say how common that is, so I'm curious to hear from bigger fans if they have noticed this to be the case as well.
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    A few amusing stories

    I though I'd share a few of the things that have happened to me, during my Martial Arts training, that I though were funny. - In Kung Fu class, my partner, and I were sparing with our bokken. I couldn't get passed his defense no matter how hard I tried. After pondering the situation for a...
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    Quick question

    In my Kung Fu school, we have to other titles besides Sifu. They are Sifi (I really don't know how to spell that one) younger brother, and Sifang - older brother. My question is, does anyone know of these titles in regards to female students? Such as younger sister, older sister?
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    Ultimate Martial Arts?

    Have any of you, ever felt that you were, or were practicing the ultimate Martial Art? If you have, what changed your mind? (That's assuming you did change your mind ) I, myself, have never felt that way, but I did practice with a guy who did. Though what he was teaching me was effective, I...
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    Really fun video I found.

    Warning: The awesomeness of this video may cause some nerds to go blind.
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    Question about a takedown defense

    I'm just so full of questions today. Anyways, a long time ago, when I was surfing youtube, I came across a video of Frank Shamrock demonstrating a few defenses against a takedown. One of these was turning your hip, to pivot your hipbone into the other guys face as he shoots in. I kinda liked...
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    Question on healing process

    About two weeks ago, I got hurt in Judo class, practicing ne-waza. My left side was ground into pretty hard on my lower rib. It hurt so $*@&$%@ much, that I had to call into work the next day. Now two weeks later, my side still hurts. Not as badly, but still bad enough that practicing anything...
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    Question for Boxers

    I've read somewhere, that in Boxing, when you duck under a punch you're suppose to drop at the knees, and not at the waist. What is the advantage of doing this, instead of dropping at the waist? And do all Boxing styles do this?
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    Question on jump kicks

    I was doing an experiment with a jumping round kick to see how much stronger it was compared to a normal one. After a little bit of practice, both kicks felt exactly the same, in the amount of power behind them. This seems kinda odd to me, as I'd figure the jumping kick would be stronger. So now...
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    Hello Martialtalk

    After taking a look at a few Martial Arts websites for awhile, I decided that I liked this one the best, and registered. My Martial Arts background is mostly Kung Fu, but I have experience in Goju, and Tae Kwon Do. I also did some Boxing for about 3 days, and I worked out with a couple of MMA...