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    Hansuki (Tiger Form)

    that is what i heard exactly.On professor bishop's website, he had at one time, chow performing a slight variation of the form in a demo. If you can, try to get a hold of him or Danjo, to see if they still have the video on their website.
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    Hansuki (Tiger Form)

    bout to say chun , to cerio, who "modified it"
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    Hansuki (Tiger Form)

    what i had heard as well.
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    Kenpo and Fitness

    we start with 15 to 30 minutes, then 10 minutes of rapid fire, then either kumite sparring/or learn techniques/pair off, work on themfor rest of class.
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    Jim Kelly- the OG Black Samurai

    love all his movies.
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    Professor Ferriera & Motobu Sensei Coming to CT

    can you throw it on youtube??? : O)
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    Doc - Sub Level Four Kenpo Seminar

    tnxs hawk! also, got your message sent to me on facebook.weekend of my birthday!!!
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    Kenpo Variations, Changing and Mixing it up.

    we do this at my school alot, work on "Bunkai", then mix up everything, then, we pair off, by rank, and slowly work on a flow drill from bits and pieces of a form/kata, and add a little "Sugar and spice, kempo flow"! The goal is to follow the path of the dragon, always continuously maintain...
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    Successfully Passed My First Test!

    Congrads! Remember, every journey in life starts with a "First Step". Do not stop going, keep training and attending! Soon you will be black belt!
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    Attended a seminar with GM Al Decascos

    did ya get any video footage? Sounds like you had a really awesome time!
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    Concepts Without Combinations?

    you need some forms of the equation, to get the answer. Example- bake a cake, don't you need the ingredient's to do it??? Then you mix them all up? You just can't throw a pan in the oven on 350, then expect a nice chocolate cake to come out, then it frosts itself, then a glass of milk...
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    Your ring entrance music

    PRODIGY'S THUNDER: Love it! Joe hayde- unbeaten(calzaghe's latest) starts at 1 minute, 6 seconds, enjoy!!!!
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    Concepts Without Combinations?

    thinking out of the box, if all we had was traditional "Pancrase" fighters, and he fought a guy on the streets, who would win? street fighter, or pancrase? Pancrase would have more skills to beat on the street fighter, but street fighter has whatever he has learned/adapted to as well. Make any...
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    Professor Ferreira Moves to CT

    if we can just get him to throw a seminar in san diego, california, LOL! Still waiting, and so is Mr. Laroque!
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    Hansuki (Tiger Form)

    and with alot of dynamic tension/internal breathing, too. Hansuki= perfect strike, always training my mind for perfect strike.
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    Doc - Sub Level Four Kenpo Seminar

    where will it be held at, Doc?
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    Kenpo/kempo vs. muay thai

    my "main" art is shaolin kempo, but my school also incorporates Mua thai, as well. Muay thai fighters are tough, and yes,try throwing a nice 7 to 10 hit kempo hand combo, do not be suprised to see at least 6 of the 7 to 10 strikes get blocked/absorbed by limbs. They know how to...
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    what about the bear???

    Someone need a bear-hug??? LOL! Back to the animal of the bear, from the southern temple, the "Bear" style was one that was Full of "Strength" and "Over-powering" it's opponent. So, the shaolin pratitioners, created style based off those types of techniques.A controversial kempo, "The 5 circling...
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    the site is back up!

    the site is back up!
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    Some Interesting Views On Kata

    i always try to imagine the bunkai, and any hidden moves within them, like, why did i turn my foot , and shift my weight this way? Could it be i am sweeping a potential attacker's leg? Think kata starts us all on a path, and, keeps us enlightend and also always learning as we continue to...
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    SKK Pinan 1& Kata 1

    Xinglu, please explain, mate?
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    Kenpo and Kung Fu

    LOL! i concur with you!
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    What made Kenpo Grow ??

    correct, but mattera(west coast) 's style/instructors/USSD helped in creating more students, as did demascos, as did Villari's and Cerios as well. I look at it like this, if we take all EPAK/Shaolin Kempo/Cerio Kempo/Kempojitsu kai/Kajukembo,karazempo, Kara-Ho, and dumped in all in a bowl...
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    Chinese Kempo

    koscas, where in so cal are you?
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    First technique

    "the infamous WEDGIE"??????
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    SKK Pinan 1& Kata 1

    i concur with you, Mr. Doyle.
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    SKK Pinan 1& Kata 1

    pinan2 is at 4:20 (no pun intended:o )
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    SKK Pinan 1& Kata 1

    pinan 1 in skk is at 2:54 mark. you will also see some other forms as well:o) grab a youtubedownloader and have fun.
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    What made Kenpo Grow ??

    i would concur with ed parker as the main spread,second maybe perhaps cerio to villari to mattera/demasco, and also Walter Godin, and alot of the rest, like pesare, Castro, etc... Parker has to be the #1 main spreader of kempo thoogh.