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    Why the number 9?

    Hi to all-was reading through the posts on the Philosophy &etc. section of this Forum and it occurred to me that the number 9 is often mentioned in regards to Ninjutsu(apart from the "elements" numbering 5). I have several of the books by Soke Hatsumi and others but couldnt find any real or...
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    history of the tengu

    Hi to all-have some pics of training scrolls used by Bujinkan Soke Hatsumi that show "tengu" teaching spear techniques.Have googled this term however the data is rather fairy-taleish and was hoping someone could refer me to any serious/academic research concerning these early ninja instructors...
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    anthonys back

    Hi to all and have some news to share-have spoken today with Tim bathurst,Ed lomax and Andrew Macdonald. Will posts their comments to the appropriate threads etc when able-Ed and Andrew also mentioned that Anthony Netzler is now living in Sydney. Anthony is originally from New Zealand though he...
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    abbreviations clarified

    am new to this forum-have been looking at some of the older data and noticed an abbreviation IIRC or something like that-does anyone out there know what means? the data wouldnt or didnt seem to give me any clues or ideas as to what stands for-pls xplain and thanks in advance and if there are...