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  1. TrueJim

    ITF patterns: "E" versions ?

    This question is posted to the taekwondo subreddit, but I thought somebody here might know the answer. A student is being told that his school will be practicing the "E" versions of the ITF patterns. So for example, instead of practicing Chon-Ji, they will be practicing Chon-Ji-E. For...
  2. TrueJim

    New WT Sparring Rules

    World Taekwondo General Assembly approves competition rule changes - World Taekwondo "Now with even more spinnyness!"
  3. TrueJim

    USA Taekwondo Scholarships

    Scholarships | United States High School Taekwondo The non-profit Taekwondo Advancement Foundation will be awarding scholarships to at least two outstanding Scholar Athletes from the U.S. high school taekwondo community. More info at the above link. Sponsoring organization: Taekwondo...
  4. TrueJim

    New Video: Bigak Il Jang

    For those following WT's new competition poomsae, a new video just dropped yo: Of course, more at the wiki: Bigak Il Jang
  5. TrueJim

    More "Fun With Numbers" (U.S. TKD Demographics)

    tl;dr... I suspect the relative popularity of the different styles of taekwondo in the U.S. are something like: 72% practicing WT/Kukkiwon-style 10% practicing ITF-style 10% practicing ATA-style 8% practicing some other style =================================================== Analysis I...
  6. TrueJim

    Fun with Data (TKD tournament demographics in the USA)

    I recently undertook the mission of cataloging as many "open" taekwondo tournaments (of any style) as I could find in the US. I have an Excel file of about 300 tournaments now that when you place on a map yields this: Now of course we see some "huge tracts of land" where there are no...
  7. TrueJim

    What the...even MORE new poomsae from Kukkiwon?

    Kukkiwon presents eight types of Adult Yougupja Poomsae - TKDNews
  8. TrueJim

    List of Taekwondo Tournaments (especially in the U.S.)

    A person on the taekwondo subreddit suggested we make a sticky-post where people could add upcoming tournaments. (I added a bunch of past tournaments too, since many tournaments are annual and knowing what happened last year helps with guessing what will happen this year.) The list became long...
  9. TrueJim

    Daedo & Marvel - thoughts?

    Daedo and Marvel launch striking Superheroes Taekwondo collection | WTM "Daedo and Marvel presented a revolutionary Taekwondo equipment line that is meant to change the relationship between children and our sport from now on. Ironman style electronic chest protectors, Spiderman chest...
  10. TrueJim

    WT / ITF demographics

    I realize that this is hardly scientific, and that it's also very geography dependent...but I found this interesting nonetheless. Here's a Facebook "poll"... As of this writing, there are 241 votes for WTF and 48 votes for ITF. This is more lopsided than I would have expected. Along those...
  11. TrueJim

    Arrest warrants sought for World Taekwondo Headquarters execs

    Arrest warrants sought for World Taekwondo Headquarters execs SEOUL, Oct. 24 (Yonhap) -- - South Korean police have requested arrest warrants for executives at the World Taekwondo Headquarters, also known as Kukkiwon, over allegations of obstruction of business and violation of political...
  12. TrueJim

    Fun video footage of a tournament (DJI Spark)

    I think this is just kinda fun/unique to watch. I have a DJI Spark drone (the DJI Sparks are an amazing value) and I was given permission to use it to record video at this past weekends DC Taekwondo Open & Kukkiwon Cup. We received a ton of questions from people at the tournament about the use...
  13. TrueJim

    Forced Splits

    You probably saw this in the news today: Disturbing video shows high school cheerleaders forced into repeated splits What do you guys think? Forced splits...good, bad?
  14. TrueJim

    Dojang Etiquette

    Speaking of kids with cameras... We started a "YouTube Club" in our summer camp. Kids making their own taekwondo videos, with parents volunteering to coach the club. We posted this video to Facebook last week and it was shared widely by a lot of schools.
  15. TrueJim

    AMA: K-Tigers

    Ask Me Anything: K-Tigers The K-Tigers are going to be performing outside D.C. and outside NYC in early August. I'm going to have the opportunity to interview them on video, and then post their answers to YouTube. Let me know what questions you'd like me to ask the K-Tigers. You have until...
  16. TrueJim

    Music video - good or bad? Discuss! :-)

  17. TrueJim

    Wait, MORE new Kukkiwon poomsae?

    Some kind contributor posted this to the taekwondo wiki this morning: Bee-Gak Il Jang Bee-Gak 1 appears to be the same as the old 2007 Bikkak (different romanization, same form). I don't know what Bee-Gak 2 and 3 are yet. But I'm at a loss as to how that relates to Kukkiwon Competition Poomsae
  18. TrueJim

    Fun with 3D Printing

    As you might know, I authored some software that I call Poomsae Designer, in order to create the poomsae diagrams on the taekwondo wiki. I wrote the software just to create illustrations, but it occurred to me recently that with a little fiddling, I could also export .STL files that I could...
  19. TrueJim

    Editable Poomsae Diagrams

    In the past, some people have asked me for the PowerPoint version of my Kukkiwon-style poomsae diagrams, so that they can edit the file (well, at least the textual part) and use the diagrams in their own schools (for instance, to include the diagrams in the school's student guide). Of course I'm...
  20. TrueJim

    "New Poomsae Seminar"

    I'm seeing on Facebook allusions to a 5-day "New Poomsae Seminar" that is being hosted at the Taekwondowon this week, with support from the Kukkiwon and others. Does anybody have any insights into what this is? New Poomsae Seminar
  21. TrueJim

    USAT National Dan Program

    USA Taekwondo Announces New National Dan Program If I understand the new dan program right, the idea is to open-up USAT competitions to more people. It's even easier now for ITF and ATA practitioners to compete at National-level events. I wonder why this applies only to National-level events...
  22. TrueJim

    Another Question from Facebook (ITF HQ Korea)

    Over in the Rise of the Kwans group on Facebook there's a reference (via MartialTalks own Chris Spiller) to the ITF HQ Korea organization Rather than ask the question there (and likely get more noise than signal) I thought I'd ask the question here instead: what's the...
  23. TrueJim

    Protests at the Kukkiwon

    I'm sure most of you have probably seen this: International Taekwondo HQ in shambles I just saw this video posted to Facebook of the chaos: Young-Jae Ko - Scenes from inside of Kukkiwon in Seoul.... | Facebook
  24. TrueJim

    OH Hyeon-Deuk - new Kukkiwon president

    OH Hyeon-Deuk - new Kukkiwon president...any thoughts? What do people think?
  25. TrueJim

    Choi Jung-hwa returning to South Korea (USA Today)

    You've probably seen this old article in USA Today: Taekwondo master returns home to South Korea - ... "Choi [Jung-hwa], 54, played a leading role in promoting taekwondo in the North together with his father Choi Hong-hi, who founded the now pro-Pyongyang, Vienna-based...
  26. TrueJim

    Two questions re: ODK =? ITF

    Over in the Facebook group "Rise of the Kwans", this was posted today: Michael Whang: ITF from the beginning was not just filled by Oh Do Kwan people. ITF was the international organisation of Taekwondo of Korea which was established by the Korean government. Many people from different kwans...
  27. TrueJim

    The "Moo Duk Kwan" trademark

    There was an interesting edit made to the Taekwondo Wiki last evening, regarding the article on Moo Duk Kwan. An anonymous editor (I allow those, but I review all their edits of course) added this link Martial Art Instructors Hit With $115,560 Judgment - Martial Art Fraud and this Martial Art...
  28. TrueJim

    Taekwondo Anti-Bullying Videos

    Ever since the ancient invention of iMovie and consumer-grade video cameras, there's been a venerable tradition of martial arts schools making their own short-films. :) Version 1. The head of the school that my son and I attended wanted to make a short-film that's an anti-bullying video...but...
  29. TrueJim

    TKD Scoring Wi-Fi (app)

    Disclosure: I'm not associated with the product that's being discussed in any way. Over the last week at the school my son and I attend, we've been playing with a cool piece of software. I believe it was originally developed by a dojang in Korea, but there's an English-language version as well...
  30. TrueJim

    Kukkiwon @ Google Cultural Institute

    Apologies if this thread repeats something previously discussed... While Googling for something else, I stumbled across this: an "exhibit" for the Kukkiwon at the Google Cultural Institute. I thought I'd pass it along for those who are interested. Kukkiwon - Google Cultural Institute The...