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  1. chinto01

    Anyone know this song?

    This song is very familiar to me. It is Karate Do Sanka and we sing it with my Sensei every time I go to Okinawa or he comes state site. My understanding is that the song was created by an Okinawan karate association. Not sure which one. I also have my students sing this song. It is great!!!
  2. chinto01

    2009 World Tournament

    Gonna miss it by a month. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  3. chinto01

    Jigen Ryu, Bushi Matsumura, and Shuri Ryu Connections

    Let me start by saying that this is a great topic! I tried to click on the videos but they do not link anymore. Anyone else having this problem? In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  4. chinto01

    Chotoku Kyan

    I doubt we will ever know the actual truth. Would be interesting to find out however. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  5. chinto01

    Chotoku Kyan

    The next time I have a conversation with Shimabukuro Sensei I will ask him. He has always said that Kyan Sensei's eyes were bad but has never made mention of him missing one. This piece of information I just stumbled across recently (Monday). If it were a couple of weeks ago I would have asked...
  6. chinto01

    Chotoku Kyan

    O.K. guys here we go: Rob to goodin show details Nov 3 (1 day ago) Goodin Sensei, Greetings. My name is Rob and I recently came across your blog which I find extremely informative. I thank you for all of your efforts in collecting and sharing all of the research you have. I hope other...
  7. chinto01

    Chotoku Kyan

    When I get time I will share the email exchange with all of you. Let me start by saying that I am not agreeing with the person who claims this nor am I disagreeing with him. He was generous enough to share this possible tidbit of information with me and I wanted to pass this on to all of you so...
  8. chinto01

    Chotoku Kyan

    Thanks for the replies so far. I would be interested in what more we find out about this. I do not want to state my source yet, but he claims that there is or was a student of Kyan Sensei who told him this. More to come. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  9. chinto01

    Chotoku Kyan

    Good evening all. I am always looking for little nuggets of information on the past masters. I came across one that interests me and wanted to see if anyone else has heard this. Kyan Sensei was often call Chanmigwa or small eyed. I had been doing some research on this and a reliable source in...
  10. chinto01


    I am not a shotokan stylist but I will advise against learning from a video tape. The tape may give you the pattern but as you know what it does not give you are all of the little things that you need from personal instruction. Good luck however in your new endeavor. In the sprit of bushido...
  11. chinto01

    Okinawan Karate

    Brandon the $1900 is not that bad since I believe last year when I went it was about $1600. If you have the funds I would jump at the opportunity. Where are you getting your ticket info from also? If you are really interested I would begin to check into teavel agents that deal in asian travel. I...
  12. chinto01

    Okinawan Karate

    Will you be meeting anyone there? I have been over there a few times and if you need help I may be able to point some things out for you. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  13. chinto01

    Okinawan Karate

    Timo good luck with your upcoming trip to Okinawa. Are you going with a lager group? I am also planning on going next year. Not sure when but looks like summertime. As far as training in any other styles I took tai chi for a while. Had to stop that because the instructor returned to China. As...
  14. chinto01

    Okinawan Karate

    Thanks for your kind words in regards to my Sensei. He is truly and amazing person as well as a great teacher. He has just completed another tour of the U.S. which was finished with a banquet in honor of his 60 years of teaching. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  15. chinto01

    Okinawan Karate

    Glad to meet you Timo. Seibukan is in the Kyan tradition I believe. Headed now by Shimabukuro Zenpo Sensei. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
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    Okinawan Karate

    This is a great thread so far. It is not often that we get an Okinawan karate thread going. I say we keep it up. I have seen this tried in the past and it turns into a bash fest but I would be interested to see who we have in here and who they study with. Let's keep it civil and learn from each...
  17. chinto01


    Thanks for the video links. I will have to check them out. I think I am more interested in his son Chosei. I have done some research which all seems to say the following: 1. he studied only 3 years with Motobu from ages 14-17. 2. he only studied with Motobu when he came down from Tokyo to...
  18. chinto01


    Hello all. Was wondering if there are any people out there that practice Motobu Ryu. Was also wondering if you can give me more insights into the system. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  19. chinto01

    Do it again!

    It's good to see that you recognize the benefit of repetition in your training. Most people view it as boring and unneeded. Imagine the progress you will make if you keep it up with the same technique over the next couple of weeks. I agree with what someone else here said "you have just...
  20. chinto01

    Moving onwards!!

    Congrats on your recent promotion. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
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    I agree with some of the others. What one does on their own time is their business. It has no place at the dojo. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  22. chinto01

    Martial Arts Myths

    Some of my favorites: 1. mind manipulation powers 2. all black belts are invincible 3. black belts do not need practice 4. we all know how to use chopsticks 5. black belts have no fear 6. we are all compared to the mma fighters and asked if we could beat whoever the hot fighter is at the...
  23. chinto01

    teaching tegumi?

    This is from wikipedia. Tegumi From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tegumi is a traditional form of wrestling from Okinawa. According to Shoshin Nagamine, in his "Tales of Okinawa's Great Masters", there are no accurate historical documents surrounding the origins of grappling in Okinawa...
  24. chinto01

    teaching tegumi?

    I agree with you that this was a form of wrestling. Did it contain ground fighting applications or some sort of jujutsu? Who knows. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  25. chinto01

    help get karate into the olympics!!

    I agree in keeping karate out of the olympics. Tournaments are a fine example of how bad things can get. In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  26. chinto01

    A new opportunity!

    I have been a bit skeptical about starting in the backyard and training in garages but then I remembered that that is how some of the old sensei used to teach. Thanks for all the support! In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  27. chinto01

    A new opportunity!

    Well it has finally happened. For a year now I have been having a battle with myself as to wether or not open my own dojo or start my own class. Due to my wives work schedule changing I can no longer attend my friends dojo the way I would like. All that being said a few people have approached me...
  28. chinto01

    just recieved 2nd dan

    Awesome! In the spirit of bushido! Rob
  29. chinto01

    Magazine Recommendation

    Hello all. It is not often that I find something worth passing on as far as MA mags however I must recommend to everyone Classical Fighting Arts magazine. I have been reading this magazine going on 2 years now and I find myself anxious for the next issue all of the time. It is not full of the...
  30. chinto01

    Adding ground fighting to Okinawan karate

    I would just like to add my 2 cents worth here. I have been studying Shorin Ryu for the past 20 years. This past year on the side I have added BJJ to my training. Why? To tell you the truth I thought it would be fun and it is. What have I realized from my training to date? First in the beginning...