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  1. Steel Tiger

    Falling Crime Rates in Australia

    I saw an interesting piece on television the other day. A study has just been completed that demonstrates a general down turn in crime over the last ten years in Australia. On average it is about 15%, but in some categories it is as high as 28%. However, the same report found that violent...
  2. Steel Tiger

    The Blood Brothers

    During the last rest day of the Tour de France I was treated to a late night (early morning) Shaw brothers film - The Blood Brothers. This film is special for a number of reasons. First is the fact that most of the scenes are on top of hills so that anyone injured or killed can roll and...
  3. Steel Tiger

    Signaller Sean McCarthy

    SAS Signaller Sean McCarthy was killed by an IED in Afghanistan yesterday. He is the sixth Australian soldier killed in that country.
  4. Steel Tiger

    Fossilised Feces and American Archaeology

    From Science: ARCHAEOLOGY: DNA From Fossil Feces Breaks Clovis Barrier Michael Balter An international team reports online in Science this week what some experts consider the strongest evidence yet for an earlier peopling of the Americas: 14,000-year-old ancient DNA from fossilized human...
  5. Steel Tiger

    Some Interesting Information About Oil

    All information comes form the US Energy Information Admistration US oil imports for 2006: 12 357 000 barrels per day US oil imports for 2007: 10 017 000 barrels per day Top Five Exporters to the US Canada (1 864 000 bpd) Saudi Arabia (1 453 000 bpd) Mexico (1 410 000 bpd) Venezuela (1...
  6. Steel Tiger

    Focus or Definition In Forms

    OK, this one is actually hard to describe even though I suspect we have all seen it. When you watch a new student going through a form have you noticed that their hands and feet seem to not be part of what they are doing? Its like they know a move is a punch but cannot really define it...
  7. Steel Tiger

    Queen's Birthday Honours

    On the 9th June the Queen's Birthday Honours list was announced. Big list, 450 civilians and maybe 200 military and civil service personnel. An interesting thing was the inclusion of the former Prime Minister as a Companion of the Order of Australia. Its very unusual for a government formed...
  8. Steel Tiger

    Guy Ritchie to Direct Sherlock Holmes Film

    Now this is something from way outside the box,21985,23846010-2902,00.html We'll just have to wait and see I guess.
  9. Steel Tiger

    Rising Sun Reveals the Truth

    Australian archaeologists working at a mass WWI grave at Fromelle in France have finally found something to prove Australian soldiers were buried at the site.,21985,23838570-662,00.html While it is not likely that the soldiers will ever be properly...
  10. Steel Tiger

    World's Oldest Christian Church

    Archaeologists in Jordan have recently unearthed what they believe to be the oldest Christian church.,21985,23845707-663,00.html Early Hebrew Christianity did not last very long as it was overwhelmed by Orthodox and Catholic faiths. This find will...
  11. Steel Tiger


    The other night I was watching television and saw an add with two basketball teams, one in black one in white, passing balls around. It asks you to count the number of passes of the team in white. At the end it asked if you saw the moonwalking bear. (It was 13 passes by the way). But it made...
  12. Steel Tiger

    Smallest Star with a Planet

    The talk of far off planets always intrigues me. And this star is tiny!
  13. Steel Tiger

    Sex Secrets of the Giant Squid

    Now this is just a little strange. Still interesting though.
  14. Steel Tiger

    Strange Goings On At Stonehenge

    No, I'm not talking about those saddo neo-druids and their bogus ceremonies. People have been buried at Stonehenge for a long time apparently. What has generally thought to have been some sort of observatory now appears to have had a wider ritual purpose...
  15. Steel Tiger

    The "Snow Queen" Feature

    The Phoenix Mars Mission has already produced some interesting results. The first one seems to have come about by luck. Called the snow Queen feature, it may be ice beneath the surface. Yesterday the little robot also collected its first soil sample. The possible ice discovery is very...
  16. Steel Tiger

    Islamic School Application Rejected

    The New South Wales town of Camden rejected a proposal to build an Islamic school on its outskirts today. Now Camden is not a big town with a small Islamic community. The majority of the students who would have attended the school would...
  17. Steel Tiger

    The Crunch Has Finally Come

    Our new government has just produced their first budget and the Department of Defence has taken a massive hit. As a result I will be looking for a new job come the end of June. Its all a bit sad really. The Australian Defence College where I have worked for the last two years is a really...
  18. Steel Tiger

    Enduring Martial Arts

    The Thread on KMA/CMA connections with its discussion of masters and founders got me wondering. Do those who found arts and styles give any thought to how it might evolve? We all know that the arts we practice today are not the same as when they were created, but do you think the founders gave...
  19. Steel Tiger

    I Watched An Eagle Today

    While having lunch today I was privileged to be visited by a wedge-tailed eagle. It was not close, maybe 60m or 70m straight up, but as always happens I sat in rapted silence and just watched to hang in the air with almost no movement. There is something very special about the majesty and...
  20. Steel Tiger

    Getting Inside the Bagua Circle

    First a quotation: This is a good summation of the essential concepts of bagua. It is like the 13 essences of taiji, if you abide by them you will have a superior skill. some will argue that there are eight principles in bagua, just as there are eight gua, but this is not accurate. As Lu...
  21. Steel Tiger

    ANZAC Day

    The 25th April is ANZAC Day here is Australia. It is a time to remember those who have served in war under the Australian flag. This year has additional significance as it is the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux, where 1200 Australians died in one day to liberate the little...
  22. Steel Tiger

    Really Old Chinese Fighting Arts

    The oldest recognised Chinese fighting technique is Jiao di "horn butting" which is supposed to have been developed by Huangdi in 2697BC. Given that Huangdi is a legendary figure we might be able to discount this one. The art called Shoubo was apparently practiced during the Shang dynasty...
  23. Steel Tiger

    No Native Korean Internal Styles

    I was recently doing a bit of reading on the history of Korean martial arts and came across something interesting. In the Muyedobotongji there are explicit statements as to internal styles being better fighting styles than external ones, however, there are have been no native Korean internal...
  24. Steel Tiger

    It Just Hit Me.

    Last night I was watching David Attenborough's latest series, Life in Cold Blood, when I realised that when this man is gone no one will present the natural world in such a magnificent and grand fashion anymore. There are plenty of nature presenters around but they all seem to be gimic-driven...
  25. Steel Tiger

    Fighting Strategies: To Initiate an Attack or To Defend Using Quietness

    A little some thing I just re-read to day: It is an interesting an oft professed concept. He is suggesting that under the Waijia principle it does not matter what your opponent intends to do as you take control of the situation and dictate all aspects. Seems perfectly logical. The Neijia...
  26. Steel Tiger

    Internal Arts and Forms and Application Training

    First this from Lu Shengli Balance is an important concept in internal arts and I found this a very straightforward statement about balance in training methods. Too much form training might develop good internal strength but limits your ability to apply that strength, while too much...
  27. Steel Tiger

    Australian Swimmer Charged with Assault

    At the end of March we had our Olympic swimming trials and everything went very well. Then the next day a member of the newly announced team was in police custody over an incident in a night club.,25197,23457515-5014197,00.html. More has come of...
  28. Steel Tiger

    A Little Bit of Nostalgia

    I just acquired some items that I am very happy about and thought I would share my joy. In the '60s and '70s Britain produced some very interesting television series and recently I got a hold of a couple. Definitely favourites of mine, the first is The Avengers series from '65 to '67 with the...
  29. Steel Tiger

    Martial Art History - How Reliable Is It Anyway?

    Recently I have noticed a lot of discussion of the history or a number of arts (Karate, TKD, and TSD in particular) and it has made me wonder about martial art history generally. The phenomenon of the martial art historian is quite recent really. To be sure people within styles have kept...
  30. Steel Tiger

    Lets Talk Pao Chui

    This is not a part of my art but I have always been fascinated with it. Its name alone conjures vivid images. San Huang Pao Chui (Three Emperor Cannon Punch) supposedly developed by the Three August Ones - Fuxi, Shennong, and Gonggong. It is represented in many styles, something which has...