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    Those Ol' Training Blues

    Ditto that. Thanks for the link!
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    14 Point Mindful Action Code

    You are right they are based on Buddhist teachings. I find my self repeating "I am as enthusiastic about others fulfillment as I am about my own, I avoid treating others’ successes as the cause of my lacks." It's hard to be enthusiastic about another's fulfillment, when that person gets...
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    Those Ol' Training Blues

    ToShinDoKa, do you mind sharing the link to the Shinden Fudo Ryu conditioning exercises? It would be cool to see, read about them. Thanks,
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    Kasumi-An Marishi-Kai Instructor's Guild

    Technically, the Quest Centers aren't franchised. I don't know what language was used in the newsletter, but it is my understanding that the quest centers are independently owned and the owners pay licensing fees to use the curriculum. It's not like a McDonalds where everything is regulated...
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    Why dont you see aikido used in judo?

    I thought this was cool too. I don't currently study Aikido, but I think this would be great training. Any martial artist would benefit if they cross-trained a little. Bring a boxer to the dojo and see how the art would have to be adapted. Certainly a jab doen't have a lot of committed...
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    The rant thread

    Hey Fellas, It's called the bell curve. The majority of students statistically will be mediocre. A few good students, a few bad students and whole lot in the middle. I heard somthing funny the other day, in the US 50% (or so) of marriages end in divorce. If you take a room full of...
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    No Strength!!!! (or "Stop Sucking!!!")

    I agree too. Moving at the speed of the uke is about sensitivity and your sense of timing. I am sure that is what Bigshadow meant when he stated that you should match the uke speed. If you are not aware of the speed of the attack your are gonna "get got" everytime. Some folks are so focused...
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    Toshindo and Rape Defense

    ToShinDoKa, I am happy that you are drawing so much from To-shin do. I studied at the hombu and then taught there as a full-time instructor. You are right that it is a 'complete' self-defense art and I know that Mr. and Mrs. Hayes were (and maybe still are) certified R.A.D. (Rape Agression...
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    To-Shin Do Instructor's Taijutsu or Tairyoku ni Oojite Okonau

    I have to second the comment that Mrs. Hayes moves like a ghost. I have always admired her. John Poliquin was in Dayton for a ground fighting seminar probably five years or so ago and I was privileged enough to be selected by Mrs. Hayes to be her training partner. She could have trained with...
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    Toshindo and Rape Defense

    DeepLife, I think you could learn some stuff if you took up ToShinDo, but if you are already ranked in the Bujinkan I doubt you will learn anything ground breaking. If you are interested in rape defense, I HIGHLY recommend that you look into IMPACT Safety Programs. I don't know where you...
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    Wearing glasses and Ninjutsu

    Hi TJ! I took my glasses off when I trained, but there were others in our dojo that kept theirs on. Lots of good advice has been offered. The decision is really up to you. It depends on how well you see without the glasses or if you are comfortable wearing them; it is safe to assume that...
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    Stephen K Hayes UK Seminar

    Johan, How did you get dinged with negative rep points after one post? Crazy!
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    J.- I think you will be happy with the ronin judo gi. I've not used one myself, but know of person who does. He trains ALOT and the gi looks like it has held up. When I am due for a new one that is probably the route I would go. The TOBI Tabi socks may have been overboard. I had some "tabi...
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    To-Shin Do/Bujinkan

    lalom, I would submit that there are terms that are shared by both lineages. Like: Omote gyaku, Ura gyaku, Ganseki nage, etc. However the execution of this principles/ techniques varies according to the lineage. The kiai in To-shin Do are "Stop", "No", etc. I don't have experience with Booj...
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    Discovery 2007

    I have had the "privilege" of being tapped out by John. It's not a pleasant experience. He was doing some ground work at the TSD Hombu. What was cool was that my training partner for the seminar was Mrs. Hayes and she is the one that sought me out! It was one of the coolest seminars I have...
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    Something Odd

    It is unfortunate that you haven't heard anything. I have spoken with Tom Maienza in the past and trained with him when he was part of the Quest Center, but I have never trained in Jizaikan. I think the concept is interesting, but I understand how Aikido and Ninjutsu/ To-shin Do could be...
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    Cause + Context = Effect

    Thanks for posting this. There is a lot of food for thought in these paragraphs.
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    New To-Shin Do Video from SKH Fall Festival '06

    :o The Devil's in the details.
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    New To-Shin Do Video from SKH Fall Festival '06

    jetboatdeath, Please let me help. Wow! How cool! I am going to suggest a local "ninja festival" the next time I am in class. You know, cute little skits to get the audience laughing? Chicks straddling my chest... Oh wait. That's right. There would be a line of people waiting to beat my ***...
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    The weird ones

    It took me a while, but I decoded it. Fortunately I found a formula for reading invisible ink in an Ashida Kim book. Lucky for me lemons were in season.
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    Weight training is TOTAL rubbish for Aikidoka?

    exile, if you can't find the GQ article, there was a similar one run in Men's Health. I also thought Statham's exercise philosophy was top notch
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    Techno, I am sure it's mostly ego, but if "I" was still studying TSD and wanted a Bujinkan cert. it would be to feel connected to TSD's roots. My experience in Dayton was that the students felt there were still under the umbrella of Bujinkan and wanted to have that connection. The other...
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    Mr Hayes' original practices of ninjutsu

    Don, out of curiosity, what was the controversy over the clip? Were some people thinking Hayes embellished his early experiences? That would be my initial reaction after watching the clip. The times I heard him talk or in conversations I had with him, that's his standard story. Personally, I...
  24. MrFunnieman

    SKH's books vs Toshindo

    stone_dragone, I used to work at the Dayton Quest Center and although the series is required reading, I don't think it represents To-shin do. If you want to learn ninpo, I would look for a good Bujinkan school or as bydand stated a Quest Center owner who makes trips to Japan regularly. I...
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    Anyone To-Shin Do?

    As a former practitioner and instructor I have felt compelled to "defend" Mr. Hayes and the To-Shin Do association, but lately I have lost heart. I haven't trained or seen anyone from Dayton in four years so really I am out of the loop and content to stay there. The way Hayes is handling the...
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    Magical Aiki technniques?

    It is my opinion that I witnessed two uke that did not want to embarrass a shihan. I find it hard to believe something like this could be pulled off in real life against a committed attack. I would guess it is like a stage magician picking someone out of the audience to act like a chicken...
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    Weight training is TOTAL rubbish for Aikidoka?

    Jenna, I don't take much personally...especially on forums. I am always ready for a good debate and am glad that your thread has brought some life to the Aikido forum. After reading your post I realized that I capitalized several words with the intention of emphasizing my points in my...
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    Weight training is TOTAL rubbish for Aikidoka?

    Jenna, I know that the reason a person studies a martial art is as unique as that individual. I have not thoroughly studied Aikido, but I have studied other Japanese arts and I am familiar with the philosophy behind Aikido. In fact, when I take up another art it will be Aikido. I completely...
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    Anyone have any Endust?

    I second that motion. Stage direction: MrFunnieman slips quietly back to the Aikido forum, where Steven Seagal's technique and ethics are debated. :)
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    New X-kan?

    There's a lot to chew on. I see where everyone is coming from. I am leaning towards Aikido at this point. As long as we are speculating... maybe his intention was to preserve a connection to BBT? It looks as though his Warrior notebooks and DVDs contain a lot of BBT material. I would...