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    Deadly Armbar Escape

    I wonder when Master Ken will be awarded his black belt in BJJ. Restomp the groin!
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    Improving in Martial Arts

    The Secret Shortcut to Fast Jiu-Jitsu Improvement - Q and A - KEENANONLINE.COM Q&A session with Keenan Cornelius, a high-level BJJ competitor. I think what he has to say goes for any martial arts student, despite the subject being BJJ I liked his point of "If you're beating down everyone in...
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    UFC 207

    So... Rousy vs Nunes. One of the most one sided fights I've seen. Rousey just ate fist after fist. After the first couple of rights that she ate, it was just 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, KO.
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    Pedro Sauer partners with Gracie Academy

    Pedro Sauer is a big name to put his name behind GA. I guess there would be an implied agreeance with such a quick path to blue belt/the online technical blue belt. About 1 1/2 yrs ago I dropped into a certified Gracie Academy center and put about 40 hrs on their matts/learned most of the...
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    Some of the comments from the purple belts were hilarious.
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    Street BJJ

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    BJJ when you're exhausted.

    My professor tends to say we're really using BJJ when we're exhausted. When we're fresh, we're explosive and strong. When you're tired, it really forces your technique to come through. It was a nice observation seeing this come into play today. I rolled with a military combatives instructor for...
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    Reality vs Expectations

    About a year ago, I lived in Bangkok for about 6 months. The home of Muay Thai, but instead of at least learning the basics of MT I stuck to my BJJ. I just went back for a week on vacation and decided to go watch a live MT fight at Rajadamnern Stadium in BKK. Two guys got knocked out... one of...
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    Big Guys

    I have been doing BJJ for ~ 2 years now. I haven't been promoted to blue belt yet but I'm starting to hang with a lot of the blues belts and can, for the most part, wipe the mat with most of the other white belts. There is a new guy that is about 315 lbs. I am 195 lbs and as basically the only...
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    Greetings from Tokyo

    Greetings and salutations. I am an avid practitioner of martial arts, have read topics on this board over the years, and finally decided to sign up. I studied Shuri-ryu karate for a couple of years as a kid, did a short stint studying o-Mei Kung fu and San shou, later another short stint in...