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    Hannity rips off the troops.

    Nothing like a true patriot.
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    Tai Chi? Does a point sparring format make every art look the same?
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    Dead soldiers, happy christians Fundies the world over, making the world a better place...
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    When a kick's grabbed...

    Bignick touched on this in another thread, but what does one do when they're caught while trying to kick someone? Some of the options I'm aware of from class: 1) Punching them. (This, and the others are of course situation dependent. Guy's gotta be in range etc.) Not the kind of thing you...
  5. Marginal

    Is steel it?

    I was wondering if anyone makes or can make a functional sword out of other metals. Probably sounds stupid, but with all the stronger metals and alloys out there, I was wondering. Just on a know nothing's level, it'd seem like something like a titanuim blade would be superior to a regular steel one.
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    With the wild claim offered in the general self defense forum that WTF, ITF, ATA etc all don't teach even basic grappling elements like counters to wrist grabs until BB, if then, I found it interesting that apparently every single TKD practitioner on MT said "Uh, what?" in response to the...
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    The mystique of 'self taught'?

    "Dude, I'm like totally self-taught!" Why is that a point of pride? In what other area does someone acheive any great recognition for teaching themselves their own special made up language that fits them better? Or, "Wow you use Adobe Premiere." "Yeah. I'm self-taught." (First guy...
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    Unpatriotic teen!,1299,DRMN_15_3792491,00.html And,1299,DRMN_15_3792690,00.html Shame on that kid. Stereotyping potheads like that...
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    What constitutes off topic? I'm wondering why discussing the other kings' decisions is off topic?
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    MMA and Kata

    Have katas/forms/patterns ever been proven to make you a less effective fighter? If not, why is there such a strong anti kata sentiment coming off the MMA crowd?
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    What's WWE Thinking?

    The Elimination Chamber?!? I saw footage of them building it, and it seems like a colossal waste of time. Every public building already has an elimination chamber, and they're usually not more than 5x10... That bowl's gonna waste a lot of water. ;)