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    Wing Chun at a job interview

    I have a job interview coming up where for 5 minutes I have to talk/demonstrate something I am passionate about. My wing chun is not brilliant but I wanted to talk about it. Could someone give me tips? I was going to talk about: - Some types of punches/kicks and why they're effective for close...
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    Desk jockeys

    This is for people who sit down a lot in their jobs or studies. I know it's bad so roughly every 45mins to an hour I practise some kicks and circle steps to open up the hips. Does anyone do anything similar?
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    Some pointers on Gor Sau?

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get some pointers on Gor Sao and how to improve it? If you could just give me some things to think about that would be great. Basically I get dominated far too easily when doing this drill. The only time I do a decent job is when it's done move by move Problems I...
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    Don't know where to start with wooden dummy!

    Hi, Before anyone asks, I did use the search facility but didn't find I what I was looking for. I normally get to my wing chun class before all the other students. I thought I could used this time well to practise with the wooden dummy. The thing is, I don't know where to start with using...
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    SIU LIM TAO - question about Wu-sau and Fook-Sau

    I just wanted to make sure I understand this properly 1. Wu-sau - the tension should be in the elbow as you bring it back. The wrist and palm should stay in the centre line and just follow the elbow. 2. Fook-sau - the tension should be in the wrist. Keeping the wrist in the centre, the elbow is...