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    Wing Chun Movies

    yeah i was considering watching one of those. Which one do you prefer
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    Wing Chun Movies

    Best Wing Chun movie?
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    Can one only become a good fighter and be prepared for a fight if they spar? Or is simply learning the form and ingraining those movements into one's reflexes just as efficient?
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    Martial arts for self defense

    What is your preferred martial art for self defense? Personally, mine is Wing Chun.
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    Wing Chun vs MMA

    fighters of same level. conventional mma that includes brazilian ju jitsu, muay thai, boxing, etc.
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    Wing Chun vs MMA

    are you sure you dont know him? that is quite an accurate description.
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    Wing Chun vs MMA

    What is better for self-defense, Wing Chun or MMA? Please no comments about how one martial is not better than another. Thanks.
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    Wing Chun vs MMA

    Hi everyone. My friend and I have been going back and forth over which is superior for self defense, wing chun or mma. No martial art is truly superior, however he has been relentlessly insulting Wing Chun even though he literally knows nothing about it. He told me it is the "laughing-stock" of...
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    Looking for Wing Chun Instructor in NYC

    Hi everyone. I very much want to start taking Wing Chun classss and was wondering if anyone knew of an instructor with good experience that is in NYC, preferably on the Upper East Side. And if so, their contact information please. Thanks.
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    Tai Chi vs Krav Maga

    Who would win in a sparring fight...a master of Tai Chi or a very skilled Krav Maga practitioner?