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    Can anybody identify this form for me?

    Hi, I am wondering if anybody can identify the form you see practised at 1 minute 10 in this video... It seems to contain a slap foot kick double punch and a sweep. It is very pleasant to watch if anybody can help me with the name? Many Thanks, Jonny
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    How often to practice Stretches and Stance Work

    I am just wondering how often it is recommended to practice leg and arm stretches/stretch kicks as well as stance work in relation to Kung Fu? I have purchased some courses that cover arm stretching, leg stretching, fundamental stretch kicks and 5 stance exercises in intricate detail (ex. each...
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    Wushu/KungFu Forms containing the Tornado Kick

    Hi, A while back I saw a video of one of the many Wushu or Kung Fu forms that contain the tornado kick. The video I am referring to was a form that actually finished with the tornado kick. I am wondering if someone can please let me know the names of the forms that either contain or finish with...
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    Hey, I have just signed up to the forum. A good few months back I started to take a real interest in Shaolin Kung Fu. Every day since then I have been exercising in relation to this subject. Every day I do leg stretches, stance work, punch drills, and kicks, etc. I have started to learn my...