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    Relation between Taijutsu and Taihenjutsu

    Hello, I try to understand the physical relation between Taihen and Tai jutsu, in order to set up my physical training. Is it true to say that the physical skills to perform Taihenjutsu encompasses those required for Taijutsu? I hope I'm clear, my english is not that good. It's up to you. :)
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    Traditionnal physical conditionning exercises

    Hello y'all, Are there somewhere, in the depth of the densho, some traditionnal physical exercises for building up the heart and the muscles?
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    Ishizuka Sensei

    Misses and Misters, First of all I'd like to apologize for bringing what is certainly a political question in here. In a report of japan training from a french person, I can read some kind of underlying non-argumented dissing of Ishizuka Sensei. The question I ask: is Ishizuka sensei badly...
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    A quest for a bibliography

    Hi everyone, I try to comprehend "Ninjutsu" as a whole: History, Philosophy, Technique, Sociology and more. To understand the things a little more, I need to go to Japan of course, and I also need books. Can you point some material that should be usefull to me? I can read English, German...
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    In search for the Junan Taiso

    Hello, I plan to have a little training every morning, some kind of body conditionning. I think the better thing might be to do the Junan Taiso. In the version I got. I've the Junan Undo no Gata. Are there more Katas in the Junan Taiso? Many thanks for your reading, best regards.
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    Hi there!

    Hello, I'm Von Bek from France, ninth kyu in the Bujinkan. I'm interrested in all things japanese, most of all, history until the Tokugawa shogunate. I've read the few books available in french (as for ninjutsu) and now I seek for good material in english. I stumbled here during my search...