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    Sho Bushido Ryu Bujutsu

    Chris: Here I was being charitable........ The area that this poster lives in has a real lack of substance as far as martial arts instructors go. I can't vouch for the land-down-under, but here, we have a surplus of wannabe martial arts experts. Would you like us to export some your way :)...
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    Sho Bushido Ryu Bujutsu

    Here is a discussion on E-budo that might provide some more information: It should be noted that when the teacher does not talk about lineage (which is very, very important in Japan) there is usually some bad "events" that had occurred that no...
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    have you ever used

    What Bruno said is genuinely true. I have seen enough black belts in a variety of arts get their butts beaten bad by a good street fighter. You need good training in a particular art and then you have to be able to respond appropriately in situations. That requires both a particular kind of...
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    have you ever used

    Manny: 1X: Backing up a friend of mine working as a bouncer at a big night club. I was covering his six as he was breaking up a bunch of fools. Someone came running at him with a bottle (yokomen-uchi type of swing). I bended with the swing and greeted him with an ude-uchi (I struck him on...
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    have you ever used

    yes My Aikido seems to work just fine when needed. Marc Abrams
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    Seminar with Kenji Ushiro, 8th Dan, Kyoshi of Ushiro Karetedo

    I would personally like to thank everybody who attended this seminar. This was Ushiro Sensei's 6th seminar at my dojo and most of the attendees had attended at least 4 previous seminars. The depth of the teachings and the practice that is being reached continues to grow and inspire us forward...
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    Flooring or Mat Question

    Zebra Mats. Best damn things around! marc abrams
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    Atemi Ryu

    Simply not impressed with the postures and the losing of balance in the nage. It is not to say that the movements are not effective, but that the teachers should display sounder fundamentals. Marc Abrams
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    The Formal Head Turn in Kata

    Simple Answer: Metsuke Marc Abrams
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    I started off in Karate and spent a very long time doing "hard arts" and fighting sports. I became good at ending fights and in the process, became someone who I did not intend to become. I became an effective and violent person when confronted. Aikido has been a transformational process for...
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    Karateka Sound Off!

    Shindo Ryu under Kenji Ushiro Sensei Marc Abrams
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    Shotokan or Shito Ryu

    One of my teachers put is very clearly: "It is better to spend three years searching for a great teacher, rather than three years studying with a mediocre teacher." Look carefully at all of you choices. Take your time observing and even trying out some classes. Choosing a teacher is a very...
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    Shindoryu Ushiro Karate in US

    Ushiro Sensei will be back at my dojo 10/23 & 10/24. Info. is available on my website events page The scary/amazing thing is that what your teacher experienced was low level stuff that Ushiro Sensei does. The higher level stuff that he will only do with people who are well...
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    Shindoryu Ushiro Karate in US

    I absolutely agree with you in that a lot of stuff out there is major league BS! Correct posture and body mechanics along with proper breathing leads to being open to transmit and receive energy. The energy does emanate from us and we do receive it from others. It is as simple to explain as...
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    Shindoryu Ushiro Karate in US

    History: Kenji Ushiro Sensei teaches a style of Okinawan Karate called Shindoryu. His teacher, Nikichi Zaha, learned Okinawan karate from his own father who was the direct student of Sokon Matsumura, as well as from his elder brother, Jiro Zaha, one of the top students of Chosin Chibana...
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    Shindoryu Ushiro Karate in US

    Here is Ushiro Sensei's bio from his website: Here are some youtube links: His ability to utilize Ki is at a level that has to...
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    Shindoryu Ushiro Karate in US

    Kenji Ushiro Sensei has officially allowed me to begin offering classes in Shindoryu as a branch dojo. For more information about classes in New York and in Florida, along with information about Ushiro Sensei's next seminar in New York (Oct. 2010) please contact me directly at:
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    I posted two seminars and they are not displayed yet. If you need a reference, tom quinn...

    I posted two seminars and they are not displayed yet. If you need a reference, tom quinn, moderator, is a student of mine- (mor4me). Marc Abrams