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    "Kick to the head"

    Sometimes when I am sparring a lower belt, for fun and to make sure the person isn't caught off guard, I will say "kick to the head" before doing a high kick that I don't finish. I never realised it, but maybe I should be saying "boot to the head"!
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    What ever happened to Kwonkicker

    I wondered a while ago what ever happened to Kwonkicker, since I never saw any new videos from him for some time. Then with this video, I saw he has tinnitus (contant ringing sound in the head), likely from competing. It's really a sad case as a person would never expect that, and it doesn't...
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    Rant...Inappropriate Music at the UFC Gym

    I go to a UFC gym. On weekends when there are no classes but the gym is open, trainers/coaches often put on their own music for their own workouts. When the music has profanity, I ask them to play music without profanity. Typically they hesitate but change it. It's happened at least a 1/2...
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    Musings from my probationary 2nd dan test yesterday

    1). I ought to say to the kids at the beginning of testing, "Uh (surprised)! I see a vision! I can see the future. Someone is going to cry. I can't tell who it is though". Unfortunately, there's always a kid who ends up crying a little. 2) In no head-contact sparring, blocking with an open...
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    Interesting TKD Club Rules

    I came across some club rules in for a TKD club in France. Among them: 14. I don't have the right to participate in events, competitions or TRAINING in another club WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION from my Sabeumnim. 16. I must remit a medical certificate for the ability to practice Taekwondo, for each...
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    Speaking up or staying silent...what to do when you are not the senior person

    I'll start a conversation leading off from another thread, Taekwondo Class I have 3 examples where I deferred to authority which was more silent than I felt right. So now, I think I will be speaking up more, and let them tell me to not interrupt if they disagree. I didn't see the kick, since...
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    Kids' TKD Instructional Videos I liked

    I came across some youtube videos of a couple of young kids showing TKD in their basement. I liked it since they are kind of funny, seem sincere and, kids being kids, are so cute. Maybe I'll get there in a few years when my baby is older!
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    Is WTF TKD the Worst Sport for Changing Rules?

    It occurred to me the other day that I can't think of a sport that changes its point structure more than WTF TKD. In basketball, a layup, dunk and "close" shot are all 2 points. A "far" shot is 3 points. A free throw is 1 point. The NBA doesn't change this every year or two. Is TKD the...
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    "Question Mark" Kick

    Do you guys teach / practice the "question mark" kick ? Is there a Korean name? I haven't seen it formally in tkd, although guys do it as what it is : fake front kick , turning kick.
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    Master / Student Relationship, and Honest Discussions

    In your opinion, does the Master / Student relationship preclude honest discussions? For instance, if you were thinking that a certain aspect of the curriculum wasn't your cup of tea, would you feel able to discuss it with the Master, or would you look elsewhere without discussing it?
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    To the guy who doesn't wash his uniform every time

    If you're that guy, please wash your uniform after each class. If you haven't been doing so and have big yellow armpit stains, please buy a new uniform . (I've heard many different masters tell students to wash their uniforms each time, but somehow, there are always people who don't).
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    I Joined a UFC Gym

    I posted a while ago that I was thinking of taking a break from TKD and joining a Muy Thai gym. TKD was a little far, and I wanted to expand beyond the sport aspect that the school focussed on. As it turns out, the Muy Thai gym moved farther from my house, but a UFC gym opened about 600 metres...
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    Overtraining for kids

    I read this article on overtraining in young hockey players and thought that there were a lot of similarities with TKD. 'One of the worst things to happen to the game': The toll year-round hockey takes on young athletes A few points I thought were very applicable to TKD: “I was absolutely...
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    Mailing & framing of Kukkiwon Certificate

    Can any of the Masters here tell me how the KKW certificates are mailed? Are they all together in 1 envelope? I am curious because I got mine without an envelope, and it seems odd that the KKW wouldn't put it in an envelope by itself (i.e., not with other certificates_ with perhaps my name on...
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    "What does it feel like to get your black belt?"

    I got my black belt a few weeks ago and the KJN asked me this question after my 1st subsequent class. Although I know he wanted to hear "great" or something similar, my honest answer was a little disappointing in that I felt that my kicking was better before, when I was working less and going...
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    Delays at National Level with KKW Applications

    I saw this announcement (below) from Taekwondo Canada, saying that they are trying to speed up the processing of Kukkiwon applications. They say that it the past, Taekwondo Canada could take "months" to process the applications. That is the key reason why at the last 2 clubs where I was a...
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    360 Hoo Kick Looks Easy.....

    Dang, I am finding this kick hard to do and a 6 year old does easily. I think it substantiates that I am NOT a natural.
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    Taekwondo Chain Schools

    I noticed that a local dojang has changed names and is now part of a larger chain. (Specifically, Master Seung's Taekwondo Academy in Mississauga Ontario Canada is now Black Belt World). I see prices are up (as high as $210/month for the "Olympic" 5x week membership), and renovations are...
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    Sparring with No Head Contact

    I hate sparring with no head contact. It's not that I want to kick a guy hard in the head, it's that without head kicks there is such a limited amount of possibilities. I used to joke to my Master that you might as well just hug yourself and you have all your targets blocked; then sure enough...
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    Shut up already!

    I was at class yesterday and before class one of the older guys mentioned that the new guy was quite the talker. Sure enough, as we were standing in line doing a kicking drill, the new guy was talking to me. Even as my turn came up and I turned away to face the junior instructor holding the...
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    My First ITF Class

    I am travelling for work as I often do, this time in Mont Tremblant Quebec, and attended my first ITF class. It was more or less as I expected, and made for a nice change. Taekwon-do Mont-Tremblant - cole de d art martial et d auto-d fense Taekwon-do Mont-Tremblant cole d art martial et auto-d...
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    Tucking the Chin

    Does your WTF-style school talk about or teach tucking the chin? I was in class yesterday, and had my chin tucked in a "fighting stance" with both hands high up (high relative to the common TKD "fighting stance") and was told to lift my head up. The instructor showed me how to stand straight...
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    My classes this week and my rambling thoughts

    I had a couple classes this week that I found more interesting than usual, in that they highlighted what I did well and not so well, and reinforced a few thoughts on tkd schools. The first class on Wednesday was me (45 years old) and 4 kids 10-15 years old. The beginning was all sorts of...
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    Goals for 2015

    Does anyone have any specific tkd or tkd-related goals for this year? I decided to get better at skipping, like the boxers, since I don't feel like I am the most coordinated person. (I would say that I am average). I started 2 weeks ago only being able to do a basic skip, and have learnt in...
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    How positively constructive or negative are you with kids?

    I was going to title this thread, "Do you yell at kids?", but I thought I'd be a little less dramatic. When teaching kids, do you berate kids when they do things wrong or do you have a very positive atmosphere? In class today the kwan ja nim was berating a 10 year old and telliing him his...
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    Is Taekwondo Closed-Minded?

    I thought I'd start a fun discussion. Do you see taekwondo instructors as being closed-minded, with only 1 "right" way of doing a technique? I was watching the following video and thought that most tkd schools would say that his kick "without chambering" at 29 seconds is "WRONG", even though...
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    Spinning Twist Kick?

    Is there such thing as a spinning twist kick? I was watching this video, and it looks like a spinning twist kick at about 1:08, but I have never seen that before. Maybe it would have been a spinning hook or crescent kick and he just didn't finish it...not sure. Thanks!
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    Factors the determine the winner in sparring

    What factors in your opinion determin the winner in a TKD sparring match? My list in order would be: 1) Athleticism: a) speed b) flexibility (resulting in no limitations of the kick that it performed) 2) Knowledge: being able to read an opponent, see openings and see threats, and knowing what...
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    Why is WTF/KKW TKD More Expensive Than Other Arts?

    From what I have seen WTF/KKW TKD is more expensive than other arts. For example, in my area, WTF TKD is about $89/month for twice a week, whereas the muay thai / bjj gym is $69 unlimited. Also, my friend mentioned 4th dan/poom at his school was over $2000. With 1st dan at $600, one can infer...
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    Tried Out a New Dojang This Week

    This week I joined the YMCA, mostly for the TKD which is included. I enjoyed the class which was warmups, stretching, taegeuk 1-8, then kicking with a partner and target. However, the mats had so many "holes" where the jigsaw edges were torn off, leading to 1-3 square inch holes all over the...