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    Had first ever bujinkan class- initial thoughts

    So my MA background has been primarily judo, bjj, and isshinryu. Saw a buj training group and went to a class. Definitely different from what I am used to. I see potential in the training and am actually attracted by some of the more esoteric aspects. That being said, I think that along the way...
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    Who can tell me about the Aikido of TK Chiba, thinking of joining a club
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    RYU Te

    Curious about the claims of Oyata and his art's history. "Uhugushiku was known as a kakurei bushi (hidden warrior) and taught neither outside of family lines nor those without a direct connection to the warrior class of Okinawa. Uhugushiku introduced Oyata to Wakinaguri, an elderly gentleman...
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    Koryu Bujutsu

    Found this group on Meetup. They are in Lincoln Park MI and appear to be organized under a Stephen who is from Ashbun VA. Any insights into this group?
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    koryu uchinadi

    as an okinawan arts practicioner I am fascinated by this exploratin of ancient okinawan warrior arts. How would koryu uchinadi fit in with Japanese koryu arts?