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    Pan Nam Wing Chun in North Texas?

    Anyone know of any Pan Nam Wing Chun in North Texas? DFW, Denton areas? Anywhere in Texas? Thanks.
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    Lineage differences

    My limited time training in Wing Chun was in the Leung Ting lineage. The forward stance was 100% weight on the rear foot. Pivoting was done on the part of the foot just behind the ball of the foot. I'm interested to hear what weight distribution other lineages use, where you pivot, and why...
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    When do you start sparring?

    I spent about 3 years doing Wing Chun. I enjoyed it, and learned quite a bit. One thing I always looked forward to, but never got to do, was sparring. My sifu talked about the importance of sparring, but said it was only done at higher ranks. At the time I left the school, his most senior...