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    Is there an objective way to determine quality of wing chun or My wc is better than yours because I say so!

    Reading another thread got me to wonder. Is there an objective way to determine WC quality? WC is full of mine/ours is better more original. It can be different Yip man students or other WC styles saying theirs is better than YM. So many things are claimed but then you here other things that...
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    wing chun in or near Scottsdale AZ

    I am going to be spending a bit of time is Scottsdale for the next 12 to 16 months. I am looking for a place to train a bit. Not to teach and not to take lessons. just someplace that I could use the Dummy and weapons if possible to just keep in some shape. Not even interested in doing Chi Sao...
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    Anyone attend the WC get together in Lakeland FL this past weekend?

    Several different WC Sifu were teaching. Heard it was attended and lots of fun. One of my students,Ray Peters, taught body mechanics and the 7 bows.
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    Bad Chi Sao has ruined WC as a fighting art!

    Thread title is a bit over the top but hope it got Geezers attention! :) Chi Sao is meant to train skills that you then need to learn to apply in sparring It is not meant to be a replacement for sparring or an end in itself unless. However most Chi Sao has devolved into a situation where...