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    What is Hwa Rang Do? How is it different from other MAs?

    I heard Hwa Rang Do is one of the most impressive fighting systems in the world. What is it exactly? How does it differ from other martial arts?
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    how to master high kicks?

    What's the best way to master a high kick? I find them difficult. I can't get my leg to get to the level of my head. How do people do that? I haven't been back to my dojo, but I totally forgot how to get my leg that high that quick. I think it requires a lot of flexibility. Also, what is the...
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    how to recognize different martial arts in youtube videos?

    In terms of the basic martial arts, aikido, boxing, TKD, judo, hapkido, ninjutsu, karate, etc., how do I know the difference between one martial art and another in a youtube video? I mean, if I'm watching a fight between someone who knows Tang Soo Do and someone who knows TKD, how do I know...
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    is Jun Chong TKD a legitimate TKD dojo for self defense?

    I wanted to sign up for TKD, and I really like Jun Chong TKD. However, I heard by some that TKD isn't a realistic means of self defense because a lot of the places teaching are "mcdojos." I've heard that ITF and WTF are slightly better, especially ITF. But I want to know about the dojo I'm...