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    The spirit of Judo

    Hello, I 'm wondering if anyone knows where I could find books on the philosophy of judo. Particularly, a book that comprehensively covers it enough; that I can not only know what the philosophy is in completion, but can apply the philosophical ideals to my life. I tried, but my...
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    Question on No gi Judo

    Hello everyone, Do most or all MMA gyms that offer Judo, train no gi techniques? I'm near a mma place called, " Manassas Mixed Martial Arts" in Manassas, VA and they offer Judo there. Has anyone gone there or heard about it, if so how is it and is their Judo no-gi? Also, I'm considering doing...
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    Anyone heard of San Yama Bushi Ryu

    Hi, Got a dojo near me that teaches San Yama Bushi Ryu and wanted to know if is good and legitimate? Thanks,
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    What is the most effective?

    Hello, Is Judo more effective or is Ju-Jitsu. I'm curious to know which art is the most effective for self-defense or a street fight. Interested in trying one of the two and I am not sure which one would give me practical application for real fight scenarios. Also, I heard that traditional...
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    Info about sho bushido ryu

    Hello, Anyone know if sho bushido ryu is a good form of JJ? They have a dojo where I live and I'm interested in learning JJ, so I wanted know if this would be a good place to get sufficient training. Thanks,