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    Wing Chun Lesson 1 - How to build Iron Body & Internal Power

    The first in a series on Wing Chun basics. Lesson 1 introduces basic body mechanics and how they strengthen the body and build power.
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    Building Leg Strength

    Before the site crashed someone had asked about ways to build leg strength for their Tai Chi practice. Several people contributed some good information, and since I don't think it's possible to overemphasize the importance of leg strength in the internal arts, here's what I remember of that...
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    Liu Ji Fa in TN - Video

    The first day of our push hands workshops with Master Liu Ji Fa was excellent! Here is a brief clip. It was taken with a little hand held camera but as soon as I have time to download the footage from the hd camera I'll post something of better quality. 6bu7p892FFM Master Liu Ji Fa will be...
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    Uncle Bill Video Clip

    Here's a short clip of Uncle Bill from a seminar at the beginning of august. ttd2aO0LrSU&hl
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    Attacks Vs Fist Fights & Posturing - by Richard Clear

    What Constitutes an Attack In the Martial Arts you hear and read about people who have used their Martial Art to physically defend themselves in a real situation. Often the defender could very easily have avoided the entire situation but instead due to any number of circumstances they ended up...
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    Uncle Bill in TN Aug 2&3

    Uncle Bill will be in TN this weekend for a 2 day seminar. Aug 2 will be kuntao silat and Aug 3rd will be tai chi. More info is Here: Uncle Bill Seminar Sorry about the short notice. I'll try to put some video from the seminar online in the next few weeks for those who can't make it.
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    How to Find a Tai Chi Instructor

    How to Find a Tai Chi Instructor by Sigung Richard Clear Tai Chi is becoming increasingly popular in the US and by now most people have heard of its amazing health benefits or of its effectiveness as a self defense method, but with many different organizations, styles, schools, and methods of...