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    Pen Like Weapon

    I was introduced to a weapon at tai jutsu last night. It is a small wooden weapon that is similar in shape to a pen. It goes to a slight point at the ends and is useful for pressure point and muscle strikes aswekk as striking places like the bridge of the nose and for assisting in wrist locks. I...
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    Irish law forbids "samurai swords"

    I think there are conditions where it is OK to have a samurai sword in Ireland. If your a martial artist its OK(as far as I know). Collectors should be OK too. There may even be something in the law that says the sword should be made in Japan. On a side note for any case I have heard of...
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    Ground Work

    Yeah sounds like it would take a bit of getting used to. Do you know of any youtube clips or somewhere I can get a few ideas from?
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    Knife Defense Techniqus

    Excellent class tonight. We went through some knife defense techniques using bare hands and the hanbo. Spent some time doing sorta light sparring with markers to show that when you get involved in a knife fight your very likely to get cut. Was interesting. Gteat fun!!!
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    Ground Work

    Gray Arthur, I like that idea of Kihon Happo on the ground. Think I'll have a play with it. Bluekey & Ginny I realise in real life going to the ground is not ideal but if I found myself in that situation I would like to be best prepared for it. Mind you I wouldnt be going for a tap!!! Anyway...
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    Ground Work

    Hi, Do any of you do any groundwork in training? We do very little of it but I am also in a MMA club where there is plenty of it.
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    My Ninjutsu experience

    Class story.
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    Ghost Walker?

    Like what?
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    18 Disciplines of Budo Taijutsu!

    What did he say/teach?
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    Are most Bujinkan dojos Ad Hoc training style?

    I had done some taikwondo. Like you it seemed very structured. When I first joined the Bujinkan I thought it was the same. I think at the time I didnt really know anything about it and we were training outside so I enjoyed it. I guess thats why I kept coming back. Gradually I started to get an...
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    How did you get started with ninpo?

    My brother was studying it. He used to tell me about classes but I always thought what he was telling me didnt sound very good. I then got an injury that a physio told me was due to poor flexibility. He told me to take up something like yoga. I decided to try ma so went along to class with my...
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    8th Degree BB Ninjutsu?

    OK before I get slated here I do acknowledge that I do not know any high ranking black belts who are in their teens and I am unlikely to come across any from what I have seen from peoples training. However I do not believe that a student should be prevented from receiving grades based on age. I...
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    How do we desensitize our students to contact?

    I had a sensei who believed in 'showing the love'! He always said that you wernt doing yourself or your partner any favours by not trying to hit properly(in a controlled way). I am no training with a group who dont allow anything other than light contact. Its no fun and I han see hugh...
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    Ritsu Rei

    Ok I did a bit of searching about and found the following: Some of you may find it useful. I also came caross the following from Iaido. Some of the terms are useful so I'll just paste it here but as I say they are from an Iaido document...
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    otake sensei visit to Ireland in may 09

    Sorry I dont know much about it but I found this link:
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    Ritsu Rei

    The Genbukan Ninpo Bugei shows 4 bows in the Ritsu Rei: Shizen Rei Tenryaku Uchu Gassho Rei Futen Goshin Rei Hanno Bon-itsu Gassho Rei Can anybody please tell me what wach of these mean and how I should know when to use each? Also, what does Ritsu Rei mean? Thanks guys.
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    Getting rid of bruises

    Anybody got some tips on how to help speed up the length of time it takes for bruises to clear. Had never sparred until recently and I find I constantly have bruises on my body. It doesnt generally bother me but this is the second time in a few weeks that I have got a black eye. I got a cream...
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    Punck/Kick Bag Workouts

    Cheers man. I'll try those. Like the laps!
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    Punck/Kick Bag Workouts

    Hi Guys, Can anybody suggest some good sessions/exercises I could do on the bag? Been doing things like 3mins on/off punching, practicing my kicks but Im really lacking inspiration. Maybe its just because I never really used it before. What you guys do? Cheers Paul
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    Bujinkan and Genbukan

    I didn some searching before I moved. There are no Bujinkan dojos near by. I decided to check out the Genbukan dojo. I had tried a few different arts before this but found they wernt for me. There was too nuch I would have to unlearn. The Genbukan is quite similar to what I had been doing...
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    Contact in training

    In my last dojo(I moved towns so am unfortunately unable to train ther anymore) we were always told when being the attacker that we would not be doing ourselves or our partner any favours by not trying to hit them. Dont get me wrong our partner would always be prepared and we would try our best...
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    Bujinkan and Genbukan

    Cheers for the comments. I had been training in the Bujinkan but have recently moved house and there is nowhere near by to train but there is a Genbukan school so I tohught I might try it.
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    Best Martial Art For Flexibility

    Before I begin I realise there isnt really a "best" art for improving flexibiliy. Im just wondering which arts are good. I did a bit of Taekwondo and found the high kicks helped my leg flexibility. Im now doing taijutsu and other than the stretches I do at the beginning of class I dont find it...
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    Bujinkan and Genbukan

    Anybody train in both at the same time? If so what are your thoughts/feelings?
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    Grading Requirements

    Hey, Im just asking this out of curiosity more than anything. Are there any specific grading requirements or guidelines in the Bujinkan? I did a bit of Tatkwondo a few years back and for various grades you had to be able to perform various patterns etc. In the Bujinkan there is none of this. I...
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    Ninja: the shadow warrior book?

    I feel the same. It wasnt a bad book you could get much better though.
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    How Many Hours Did You Train Today?

    Running. Did a two mile warm up followed by some drills. Then did 16 * 400m with a 1 minute rest. I did it around the forest in the dark. Its great because after a few minutes my eyes adjust to the dark and I know there is nobody around for miles. Think it took about 1 1/2 hrs in total.
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    Ninja history sites??

    Is there any decent websites with stories of the ninja from before Hatsumi and Takmatsu?
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    What is really Sakki?

    I assume its Hatsumi who does the sakki test on you. Does he tell you that he will be doing it on you or just perform it out of the blue?
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    A guy tried to pick a fight with me

    There was no hidden partners. All his mates were about and id say they were ready to jump in. Not meaning to sound big headed but I do a lot of running so am pretty confident that if worst comes to worst I can outrun anybody so was ready to take off but didnt need to. Didnt say much just told...