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    New TKD Books

    Hi Gang, Just wanted to point out that my friend Stuart Anslow who also publishes our Ezine Totally TKD magazine has released his books on the ITF Patterns and their practical applications. Even as a Kukkiwon ranked Martial Artist I find the patterns A. good to be familiar with and B. Stuarts...
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    Kukkiwon Update

    I borrowed this off another reliable site: On May 18, 2010, the entire Kukkiwon Board of Directors resigned, and 19 new Board of Directors were selected. The 19 new Board members also elected a new Kukkiwon Chairman of the Board, Mr. KIM Joo Hun. Mr. Kim was a Chung Yong Kwan member who later...
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    Issuing school Certs if Kukkiwon

    Fun facts: Article 19 : Sanctions If any of the following violations are committed, the violator shall be sanctioned by expulsion, deprivation of Dan certificates and/or suspension of memberships. (1) Alteration or...
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    Processing Kukkiwon Dan Certificates

    I received an email letting me know that the USTC should be able to start processing Kukkwon Dan Certificates by April.
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    The Hapkido Bible by Dr. He-Young Kimm

    I have a copy to sell. Also the philosophy of Masters. Each Sells for $89 new. They are in great condition. Make me an offer. Dave O.
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    Heavy bag

    In all this talk about traditional TKD I started looking at how I came up training. We used to work the heavy beg for hands but especially for our sidekicks and back kicks. A friend of mine on FB had a great photo of the bag going horizontal. A great measure of power. In class I also like...
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    Kukkiwon Masters course in the U.S.

    Sweeeeet! KUKKIWON Master Instructor License Course - USA Seminar Information Background Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters, located in Seoul, Korea, conducts several Taekwondo Master Instructors' Courses each year for 4th Dan Black Belts and higher. The Kukkiwon Master Instructor's...
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    New Tae Kwon Do Book

    Hi Guys my teacher B. K. Cho has put together a book detailing Tae Kwon Do and both the Chang On and Kukkiwon forms. Its awesome! Stuart, Simon and anyone else, I would love ideas on where to place it to help him sell them. Here is my Facebook link with some pics...
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    A feel good moment in TKD

    Dave O.
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    Moo Sul Kwan

    Great representing at Jackson, I really enjoyed G.M. Hildebrands cane classes. Great job! Dave O.
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    Ordering Japanese Shinken

    Hi Guys, going to order a true Japanese Blade in the next two months and probably going through Rick at Swordstore. Just thought I would check some other options or at least get some feedback. Thoughts? Dave O.
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    Falling, rolls and self defense.

    A post I put on another forum. Hey Gang, Just curious as to how many schools cover self defense, falling and or rolling. I was on another forum and a member who trained at what they said was ITF under UTI in the Netherlands said they dont. Thats OK of course just different to me. I trained...