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  1. Skip Cooper

    What does my body type need?

    The human body is designed to do all of the things from walking, running, punching, kicking, grappling, and so on. Some of us are better than others, but it's probably more due to preference than a body type. Sure, some of us are blessed with certain genetic attributes that might make our body...
  2. Skip Cooper

    Motivation has taken a knock - inches away from quitting

    Working yourself back into shape is tough and it sounds to me (not a doctor) that you started too soon after your illness. See if your club will let you scale the work and then you can work your way up. If you don't, you'll tax your immune systems even more causing you to catch every illness...
  3. Skip Cooper

    big fight night :)

    Good luck!
  4. Skip Cooper

    Some more thoughts on "anti grappling".

    Yes!!! :)
  5. Skip Cooper

    1st Degree Black Belt Test Pictures/Video

    Congrats! The real training begins they usually say. :asian:
  6. Skip Cooper

    Some more thoughts on "anti grappling".

    That was awesome. I'm now thinking about getting an tattoo of a octopus submitting a shark!
  7. Skip Cooper

    Which is better for stand up Bjj? Wrestling or Judo?

    Yeah, not clean, but probably good for a four point throw. :)
  8. Skip Cooper

    Which is better for stand up Bjj? Wrestling or Judo?

    You must be referring to folkstyle (college) wrestling. In this style of wrestling, you have to control the opponent's fall until your knee touches the mat. You're not allowed to slam or dump your opponent. Check out some of the throws in freestyle and Greco-Roman (Olympic wrestling). There's no...
  9. Skip Cooper

    Why HKD?

    Hapkido chose me.
  10. Skip Cooper

    We should be nice on the boards

    That's some tough talk from the once very tanned and blonde, "Stunning" Steve Austin...
  11. Skip Cooper

    Requirements For Having Names

    Good info. Those dern pesky Christians...always adopting stuff. ;)
  12. Skip Cooper

    When to train in MMA

    When preparing for an MMA fight. :)
  13. Skip Cooper

    I'm back...again!

    Thanks! I do have a place where I'm going to train, I just won't be starting until November/December. Youth wrestling season starts soon and funds will be needed for that first (new shoes, USA Wrestling Card, etc).
  14. Skip Cooper

    I'm back...again!

    Hello again! I originally joined MT way back in 2006, can't believe that's just two years shy of ten years ago. A little about myself to refresh the memory of those who were here when I was active and an introduction to those who came after my absence. I was a wrestler in my youth (played...
  15. Skip Cooper

    Requirements For Having Names

    My parents called me "Norman" at my birth. Norman means "man from the North" (from Normandy and their Viking heritage) and at the time of my birth, I was neither a man nor in the north (born in central Texas, maybe north by south Texas standards). By Roman Catholic convention, I was also given...
  16. Skip Cooper

    And just like the prodigal son, I have returned...

    Hey guys, After a long haitus, I have returned to the martial arts world, in both the virtual and physical sense. I look forward to catching up on the discussions and creating a few of my own. Have a great weekend!
  17. Skip Cooper

    Brock vs Randy - Video HERE

  18. Skip Cooper

    Brock vs Randy - Video HERE

    Thanks for the link! I couldn't watch it live...stupid Comcast! Not the ending I had hoped for, but it looks like Randy got caught and then couldn't "intelligently" defend himself. I wonder if there will be a rematch...
  19. Skip Cooper

    KFC Moving It's Secret Recipe

    Wow! I wasn't aware that I made a Futurama reference. I don't remember watching that show that much, perhaps something stuck in my subconscious...I wish I could take credit for it.
  20. Skip Cooper

    KFC Moving It's Secret Recipe

    I always imagined that it was all a publicity stunt... Coca-Cola CEO: "This new formula isn't as good as the other's, but how do we market it and not lose to Pepsi?" Ad Executives: "We can package the new flavor as new and improved and do away with the old- " Coca-Cola CEO: "But won't that...
  21. Skip Cooper

    A Dream MMA Bout (Fedor vs. Kimbo)

    I raised this question on another thread...and was scoffed at, made fun of, threatened with tar and feathering, and other unspeakable atrocities. Tread lightly when speaking of Kimbo Slice. I was only kidding when I brought up the fight...
  22. Skip Cooper

    Western medicine and meditation

    It seems to me that there is a failure to communicate. This thread is shaping up to be full of taunts and name calling, instead of an intelligent debate between the western and eastern sciences. It is beginning to remind me of some religious chat rooms I used to visit. Unfortunately, I...
  23. Skip Cooper

    We know you practice Martial Arts, when your not doing that...

    Mostly reading and writing fill my time when not training. I also dabble with my guitar every now and then...nothing serious.
  24. Skip Cooper

    Western medicine and meditation

    They've actually had studies on this?:confused:
  25. Skip Cooper

    Who is the best pound for pound fighter in MMA

    He wasn't among the choices...
  26. Skip Cooper

    Western medicine and meditation

    My head hurts after reading all of this...should I take a couple Advils, massage those points on my hands, sacrifice a chicken, or just forget the whole thing? I am not convinced that TCM is all wrong, nor am I convinced that western medicine has all the answers. We still can't cure cancer, we...
  27. Skip Cooper

    Anyone seen an outdoor heavy bag?

    Might make for some good "Iron Fist" training. ;)
  28. Skip Cooper

    Buying Dan rank over the Internet

    I know what you mean about kitchen practices. I too like to cook and have often thought of going to culinary school myself. Currently, I work as a building engineer for high rise commercial buildings. At the property I work at, we have three cafes and we are responsible for managing the repairs...