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    America: Brave? Free?

    This guy makes some good points about America not being as free and as brave as we think.
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    USA should not be in haiti

    Before i get flamed, at least hear me out. We have people in the USA who are homeless, losing there homes, not getting proper medical care, ect ect if your here you know whats going on in our economy. Before we reach out to help others, shouldn't we at least make sure that every AMERICAN has...
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    5 style kung fu

    Does anyone have a link to a good web site that gives detailed information on each of the 5 styles. How they fight, the strengths and weaknesses of each style and how they match up against each other. I have heard that a dragon style artist does well against a tiger style, because the tiger is...
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    Has MMA done harm to martial arts

    I love MMA but at times I think it has done alot of harm to the martial arts world. Most people think that you have to compete in UFC to prove that your art is effective. Real kung Fu was not made for a sporting event. There are people who train in iron palm who can break 7 bricks free standing...
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    XMA martial arts performances

    Very cute girl. A cute gymnast but not a beautiful artist. She has no root, and thus no power from the ground, and thus no real applicable power. I'm sure that she has won many trophies, but the beauty of the martial arts lies in higher applicable physical function, not in impressing those with...
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    Why I dont go out

    Why I dont go out..... Nightclubs? They play the music so loud for a reason; because none of these sorry excuses for human beings could carry on a conversation about anything of interest, even to each other, for longer than 30 seconds. Someone once asked why they never see me out. You dont see...
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    Hi all

    I have been gone a while, but I am looking forward to enjoying the MT forums again. Glad to see the site is still going strong :ubercool:. My instructor passed away a while back and I had quit everything to do with martial arts for a while. Stupid I know, I did it out of depression, but I'm...
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    Mr myiagi

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    I made a PooP
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    I cried

    When U were 15, she came home late from work, looking for a hug. U thanked her by having Ur bedroom door locked. When U were 16, she taught U how to drive her car. U thanked her by taking it every chance U could. When U were 17, she was expecting an important call. U thanked her by...
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    How do I get a Vid online

    I want to post some videos of me and my instructor training, but I dont know how to get the vids online. I really dont want to go out and buy one of those 800$ video recorders with the usb out. I do have a 8mm video recorder. Is there any way to get the 8mm video on the computer??
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    What marriage is like

    I have been with my wife for 7 years, and one good way to describe a small part of what a marriage is like is, its like having a clone of myself. I have someone who hurts when I hurt, is happy when Im happy, we get double the ammount of things done, the good times can be double good, and the bad...
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    Avoiding Takedown

    Reading the thread that MJS posted made me remember these anti grappling vids I seen a while back. I think they will be very helpful to any stand up fighters wishing to improve their skills against a grappler. I personally hate going to the ground, and these vids are great examples of how to...
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    Superb Chi Sao demonstration

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    A reputation beyond repute

    Hey, I just noticed I have one of those little gold dots by my name. AWSOME:ultracool! :-partyon::-partyon:
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    Her voice is beautiful!!
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    Jet Li/Fearless

    The best martial arts movie I have ever seen. A must see!!!:-partyon:
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    Physically Addictive Foods

    Title to thread "Physically Addictive Foods" Sorry for the thread title, I messed up and it wont let me edit the thread title.
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    Challenge Your Traditional Christian Beliefs I have enjoyed this web page so much. I was wondering how some of the hardcore Christians at martial talk feel about this type of teaching? The way this person describes Christianty makes alot more sence to me.
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    Great Jet Li Interview

    Jet Li is a funny little guy. Old people style lol!
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    Things are not always what they seem.

    Here is something that happened to my friend. He was at the gas station and seen some guy get hit by a car, blood and brains everywhere. There was a little kid at the pump next to him looking at the dead body from a distance, so he turned the kid around and said dont look at that. Then the...
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    Mike Tyson KO'ed

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    The President Of The United States

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    Amazing Sparring Routine

    This is one amazing sparring routine. I couldnt ever imagine being skilled enough to evade a spear like that. Things like this make me re-think what a martial artist is capable of. For me, I would try to catch the spear, break it, and stab the attacker with the broken piece, that would be my...
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    Imagining the Tenth Dimension :ultracool
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    The Brokeback Kid :-partyon:
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    Learn chinese fast and easy

    learn chinese fast and easy 1) That's not right........ Sum Ting Wong 2) Are you harboring a fugitive......Hu Yu Hai Ding 3) See me ASAP.............. Kum Hia Nao 4) Stupid Man................................ Dum Fuk 5) Small horse.................. Tai Ni Po Ni 6) Did you go to the...
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    Christianity I can relate to. Has anyone ever read this persons take on the Bible? If I heard someone preaching this type of Christianity I might have ended up a Christian. It seems everyone interprets the Bible in different ways. The main problem with Christianity is it seems most...
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    Word's cut like a sword

    Ran across this and thought the people at martial talk would enjoy it, so here ya go."worth the read" There once was a little boy who had a bad temper. His Father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the back of the fence...
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    Reason, Rights, and Science Are What Made America Great

    [FONT=verdana][SIZE=2]July Fourth Celebrates America's and the West's Core Values: Reason, Rights, and Science Are What Made America Great by Edwin A. Locke (June 23, 2006) Article website address: