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  1. DeLamar.J

    Two more high-school bullyings

    Bullying is such a touchy thing to deal with, because if a parent handles it, then the student being protected will not gain the respect of the people doing the bullying. Then as soon as they catch them alone, and they will, you can guarantee it will happen again. I think its a great thing to...
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    Whats the most effective real world martial arts? Bujikan?

    Whats the most effective real world martial arts? I think your best bet is to learn something military. Normally the arts taught in military are made for combat. Your still going to run into a little watering down of the arts because the army for example, they teach BJJ because they would like...
  3. DeLamar.J

    Bruce Lee vs. Muhammad Ali who would win?

    Yes I'm talking about boxing by the rules. We are talking about Ali, a pro boxer. Now if we are talking about a street fighter/dirty boxer, well then things change a bit.
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    Woman, 61, arrested for asking ‘why'

    Its best to just move along if a cop asks you to. Its not worth questioning. Cops have the power to make your life miserable, and most of the time they get away with the dirty things they do. Thats why they do it, because usually they will rarely get in trouble. Say a cop has a bag of dope on...
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    America: Brave? Free?

    This guy makes some good points about America not being as free and as brave as we think.
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    Bruce Lee vs. Muhammad Ali who would win?

    Who would win in a real fight? Bruce Lee all the way. Boxing is a sport with many rules, and boxers train to win by those rules. Kung Fu has no rules, and they train every part of the body to be a weapon. Boxing is way to limited to stand a chance. Put Bruce Lee in the ring and put rules on him...
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    Need advice on a first MA

    What are you wanting form martial arts? To get in better shape Self defence To compete Mental clarity
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    USA should not be in haiti

    My problem, if you choose to call it that, is that I need to be personally vested in the situation. So, if I know someone who is in need, or see it with my own eyes, I'm all about helping out if I have the resources to do so. Also, I am very partial to my own people, and by that I mean...
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    USA should not be in haiti

    There are hard working americans who need help, who contribute to the government by paying taxes. What does haiti contribute? nothing. They take, take, and take some more. They contribute nothing to us and take much. But on the other hand, we have american tax payers, who contribute everyday...
  10. DeLamar.J

    USA should not be in haiti

    No, what I'm saying is, why are we not helping own own struggling people? Why fly to another place when there are people in your community that are in need of help. If you want to do good things for people, get in your car and drive down the street, I'm positive there is a struggling family...
  11. DeLamar.J

    USA should not be in haiti

    Before i get flamed, at least hear me out. We have people in the USA who are homeless, losing there homes, not getting proper medical care, ect ect if your here you know whats going on in our economy. Before we reach out to help others, shouldn't we at least make sure that every AMERICAN has...
  12. DeLamar.J

    Hand conditioning and toughening & MA

    Conditioning should be the very first thing you learn, because it will improve what skills you already have in a short amount of time. I think its best to give people fast results. expose them to some weight training, medicine ball, push ups and situps, 3 star, shin kicking and punching a bag...
  13. DeLamar.J

    whats next for kimbo slice ?

    Kimbo has alot of potential. Its just that he has went from fighting the average street thug to fighting martial artists. So he is fighting a whole new caliber of fighters that he is not used to. Of course he is going to struggle a bit while learning. People are way to hard on that guy.
  14. DeLamar.J

    How A Real Man Fights

    Trying to deal with (real men) is like plucking weeds. Pluck one out and five more pop up to take it's place. The best thing to do is to make a joke out of the conversation, and try to change the topic.
  15. DeLamar.J

    Has MMA surpassed traditional MA in its effectiveness

    True traditional martial arts hardly even exists anymore, at least the guys who were the real deal, the people who fought for lives, not titles. People have to remember that everything you see in MMA, has all came from martial arts masters way back in the day. Most all martial arts these days is...
  16. DeLamar.J

    Your Thoughts on "Flash"?

    I think it makes martial arts look bad. I don't know about every one else, but when I'm watching the whole XMA thing, it seem those guys are trying to insinuate to the crowd that what they are doing is actually real martial arts. It's a very vulgar display of very little martial talent. All the...
  17. DeLamar.J

    5 style kung fu

    Does anyone have a link to a good web site that gives detailed information on each of the 5 styles. How they fight, the strengths and weaknesses of each style and how they match up against each other. I have heard that a dragon style artist does well against a tiger style, because the tiger is...
  18. DeLamar.J

    students declining rank

    I dodged my black belt for a long time because having a "black belt" these days is so meaningless. I just didnt want to be looked at like all the other pseudo black belts out there.
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    Do you know Karate?

    Any time someone wants to know about my martial arts training I tell them, yes I am a black belt. If they get frisky I take take them through a 3 star routine to show them that their body isnt even ready to learn the techniques yet, that they need to condition their body first, before you can...
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    Animal styles? Are they pointless??

    I think the biggest reason for the animals styles was because the monks wanted to combine martial arts with their intense love for nature.
  21. DeLamar.J

    What MA book would you recommend?

    I would recommend "The Warrior Within" by Bruce Lee because you cant really learn martial arts from a book but you can learn the philosophy.
  22. DeLamar.J

    Has MMA done harm to martial arts

    I love MMA but at times I think it has done alot of harm to the martial arts world. Most people think that you have to compete in UFC to prove that your art is effective. Real kung Fu was not made for a sporting event. There are people who train in iron palm who can break 7 bricks free standing...
  23. DeLamar.J

    Rank Inflation

    Most of the time when someone asks me my rank I just say Im a brown belt in kung fu and a brown belt in karate. Im ashamed to say Im a black belt, and I dont want to associate myself with all the wanna be punks out there.
  24. DeLamar.J

    What is your motivation for training in MA?

    I dont know that I ever had a certain goal in mind, all I know is I just love to train. All the other things I gain from training are just perks.
  25. DeLamar.J

    Too deadly for competition rant

    Interesting subject. I happen to know of some people who specialize in Iron Palm, and can break 6 bricks freestanding, non supported, no SPACERS, and from the side. They dont want to compete because they are required to cover up there hands, which is the essence of there art. So I can understand...
  26. DeLamar.J

    XMA martial arts performances

    My point exactly. Learning some fancy foot work is easy, but to know how to use it is another. There are people out there who can fight for real in a flashy manner, but they are far and few. Just because there are 1 out of 1000 XMA people who may be able to actually fight, in no way does that...
  27. DeLamar.J

    XMA martial arts performances

    My main issue with XMA is the fact that the people who are impressing those with the untrained eye, are setting a example of what martial arts is. Its kind of like britney spears being a role model for the younger generation, and then dressing all skanky and then causing the younger generation...
  28. DeLamar.J

    XMA martial arts performances

    I just feel that true martial arts should be a about being able to use the techniques in a real fight. There are many health and spiritual gains from martial arts, but those should always be side effects from learning a real fighting art. I love the soft side of martial arts because it is...
  29. DeLamar.J

    XMA martial arts performances

    Very cute girl. A cute gymnast but not a beautiful artist. She has no root, and thus no power from the ground, and thus no real applicable power. I'm sure that she has won many trophies, but the beauty of the martial arts lies in higher applicable physical function, not in impressing those with...