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  1. Yeti

    Flaming squirrel ignites car in Bayonne

    Thank you! I knew I was off a bit, but couldn't for the life of me remember the exact phraseology.
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    It seems I've hit a hot button with you michaeledward...not my intent. I am not sure how long you have been a resident of NH, but if it has been longer than 10 years, you should know well what happened to the health care industry in the state and under who's administration. That should answer at...
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    I think your friend is pretty much spot on. You actually don't need to look farther than NH for anecdotal evidence. Back a few governors ago, NH had 30+ different health care companies in operation. Costs for insurance were among the lowest in the company on a per capita basis and the number of...
  4. Yeti

    Just had a "Danger! Danger Will Robinson!" moment

    I'm just amazed your brain was able to function at such a high level and warn you of danger when you were SOOOO close to good BBQ - especially since you've been jonesing for it! You should take your brain out for a beer! I hope your friend is okay.
  5. Yeti

    Oh no.. not again

    That's the spirit! Never give up!!! Perseverance is the way! Of course in this case, the perseverance comes into play by actually managing to sit through the ENTIRE video clip...
  6. Yeti

    If your art did not exist...

    I'd be sitting on my couch watching Kung Fu movies with a beer in one hand and a bowl full of chicken wings in the other. Not that I dont' do that now, but the one kind of off-sets the's a Yin/Yang kind of thing. Without MA, it'd be all Yang!
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    Music Anyone?

  8. Yeti

    Music Anyone?

    I think many Capoera (sp?) practitioners would agree.
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    Music Anyone?

    Exactly! That's kind of what I was getting at when I said in my OP that it gives me a sense of uniqueness AND commonality. Commonality because like millions of others, I play guitar. Uniqueness because I don't play it like anyone else does, and no one else plays quite like me. It really is like...
  10. Yeti

    Music Anyone?

    I play guitar. I have since I was 10 years old and wouldn't trade it for anything. Though I listen to all types of music from classical to death metal, I play mostly folk music and like to write my own. Like martial arts, I would describe it as an integral part of me - something that helps...
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    My family needs your prayers

    Sorry for your loss. :asian:
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    crazy things done at demos

    :lfao: I wish I could have seen that one! I'm sorry the guy got knocked out, but it's just funny.
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    My Mom does NOT have cancer.

    Andy that is GREAT news!!!!
  14. Yeti

    Flaming squirrel ignites car in Bayonne

    I tell you there is more to this than meets the does a burning squirrel just "slide" into the engine compartment?...Something is amiss at the Circle K!
  15. Yeti

    New to MA having trouble with workouts!

    Ha! That's where you're wrong! I trained HMD in New Hampshire under Mike Duffy and then later informally under Bryan Goza who I think earned his 3rd Dan in Mississippi. It's a great system. Welcome to the boards.
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    Amen Brother!
  17. Yeti

    Solo Practice

    Being an art that for the most part requires a partner, how do you train at home on the days when you don't attend class? Do you work your basic strikes and footwork, work on any specific drills, go through the anyos, or do you beat the snot out of a heavy bag or tire?
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    Game On! We should set up an MT tournament!
  19. Yeti

    Bees and Elephants

    They are right to fear bees.
  20. Yeti

    user names once againe

    Or, you could go with ShotoChem-Po. Sorry...couldn't resist.
  21. Yeti

    Drac's House

    Very true. You may hide but you won't like who's doing the seeking!
  22. Yeti

    MA's for Kids with ADHD

    I've got a very good friend who has a teenager who has been diagnosed with ADHD. His doctor has suggested that martial arts might be a great form of therapy for his daughter to help instill attentiveness, self-assuredness and to help with any left over anger issues. Knowing that I play around in...
  23. Yeti

    user names once againe

    I LOVE fun facts!
  24. Yeti

    Drac's House

    Drac, Your house seems to be the topic of much debate lately. Maybe you should tone down the parties a bit?...
  25. Yeti

    Karate Lessons

    This is hillarious....
  26. Yeti

    user names once againe

    Well, despite its mysterious aura, there's really nothing too exciting about how I ended up with Yeti. I used to work quite a bit with a guy up in Ottawa. Many times, he would simply disappear for a week or more at a time - no phone calls, no emails...nothing. Since it was winter and Ottawa...
  27. Yeti

    High Rank and Multiple Arts

    That is SO true!! LOL!
  28. Yeti

    High Rank and Multiple Arts

    You just have to know where to look! I'm "lucky" enough to live near a school where the head instructor claims the following: 8th Dan - TKD 8th Dan - Hapkido 8th Dan - Aikido 7th Dan - Judo Personally, I think it's a load of :bs: but let him claim what he wants to claim. A little checking...
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    Please prayer for

    Terry that is great news! My thoughts continue to go out to Juan and his family.
  30. Yeti

    Please prayer for

    Master Stoker, My dad was in a similar situation a little over a year ago. I can relate to the feeling of helplessness and the flood of emotions that come along with it. My thoughts and prayers are with Juan and his family. Hang in there sir.