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    Dharma and Drama

    Dharma and Drama “When you present the truth those who recognize truth will treat truth as Dharma and be attracted to Dharma. Those who fear truth will treat truth as Drama and be attracted to Drama.” ~ Yun Sunim It has been said by those wiser than me that the practicing of...
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    What does "do" actually mean?

    What is the actual meaning of the word "do" as found in "taekwondo" ?
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    What does "kwon" actually mean?

    What is the actual meaning of the word "kwon" as related to "taekwondo" ?
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    What does "tae" actually mean?

    What is the actual meaning of the word "tae" used in the word "taekwondo" ?
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    If you have been to Korea, or a Korea Town in your country, have you ever been to a Jjimjilbang? If you have been to them in Korea, do you just visit a short while, or do you also sleep there for the night?
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    Celebrating Buddha's Birthday in Korea

    Any one ever attend a Buddhist Temple on Buddha's birthday for bibimbap and tea? How about any other special event on that day? This year it is May 28 in Korea.
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    Training floor surface

    What kind of training floor surface do you, or your students practice on? We use Kwon puzzle mat
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    Any Taekwondoin ever practice, experience or teach jiapgol?
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    Hwa Won Yu

    Is one of these three principles of Hapkido greater, more relevant, more practices, less practiced, more obvious, less obvious than the other two?
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    Jiapsul Taekwondo

    Question for Taekwondoin: Do you practice or teach jiapsul?
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    Does Hapkido have jiapsul?
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    Shaking hands with a senior

    In Korean/Taekwondo culture, should you present your hand to a senior and expect him to shake it?
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    Drinking alcohol with seniors in Korea

    You are in Korea with seniors, at a restaurant. A senior has a glass of soju placed in front of you. What do you do? Do you drink it?
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    Kuhapdo Hapkido sword fighting

    I did not realize Hapkido had swords. I guess that came from the Samurai? This site says this man is possibly the only master of Kuhapdo in the USA. "Kuhapdo is offered by Black Eagle Martial Arts under the instruction of Master Son...
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    Hapkido falling skills

    At age 52, i am not really into all the falling drills I experienced in Hapkido years ago. I can still roll and fall well, I still practice them occasionally on a mat, but I don't think it would be healthy for me to do that over and over and over for hours on end. So if you can demonstrate...
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    Does Hapkido have a technical standard?

    I have been looking over a variety of Hapkido websites. I read things about authenticity, originality, traditionally pure, etc. How can these claims be verified? Does Hapkido have a technical standard, and if so, what/who sets that standard?
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    Who is the best source for learning Hapkido?

    Who would be the best sources for learning Hapkido in the USA? How about in Korea?
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    How do we know who the best Hapkidoin are?

    How do we know who the best Hapkidoin are? Is there some kind of test of skills, in a non-prearranged format against other opposing Hapkidoin? Thank you
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    Daedo electronic hogu distorts original concept of full contact kyorugi

    This past weekend I watched a lot of matches at the NCTA National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships in Boston. This event doubled as the team trails to select the US National Collegiate Team going to the World University Taekwondo Championships in Korea, later on this year. There were a good...
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    Why hang a Korean flag in your Taekwondo dojang?

    I have been to a lot of Taekwondo schools. From coast to coast in America, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. I usually see a Korean flag hanging in most dojang. These days you can see thousands of dojang photo's on the internet. I usually see a Korean flag hanging in most dojang there as well...
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    "The Art of Competition" World Taekwondo Federation 1987

    I have met many Taekwondoin over the years, I still find it rare when one of them has seen this video. Enjoy.
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    Anyone ever train and compete in the ancient Korean Martial Art of Ssireum?
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    Speed, acceleration and quickness

    How do the Taekwondoin who are reading this train to develop the following, in regard to; Stepping/footwork skills: - speed - acceleration - quickness - agility Kicking skills: - speed - acceleration - quickness - explosiveness
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    Your Kwan's Philosophical Credo, Pledge, Aims, etc.

    I'll start with my Kwan "Taekwondo Jidokwan" These are from the 2006 - 60th Anniversary Taekwondo Jidokwan Celebration program guide. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Most practiced Poomsae in the world

    Which individual Poomsae do you think has been practice by the most people in the world and the most repetitions?
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    Kukkiwon Education Courses

    In previous post we had discussed the Kukkiwon's World Taekwondo Academy (Jidoja Yunsuwon) Kukkiwon offers these standard educational courses plus special one off courses not listed here: 1. PurposeTo contribute not only to Taekwondo skills innovation, but also to student health and the...
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    Who are these Taekwondo men?

    Can anyone name any of these individual men and/or explain who they are and what their contribution to Taekwondo was? [/IMG]
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    Anyone know who Moon Lee in Australia is?

    I saw this same video on this webpage: Anyone know who Moon Lee in Australia is?
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    Buddhist thought in practice and learning

    As a Taekwondoin, is your practice Buddhist in anyway? If not, why? If so, please tell us about it? Are there benefits to practicing or not practicing Buddhist principles, both inside and outside of the Taekwondo world? Thank you
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    Confucian Principles

    As a Taekwondoin, how close do you adhere to Confucian principles? If not, why? If so, do you find it easy, or difficult to do so? Are there benefits to adhering or not adhering to Confucian principles, both inside and outside of the Taekwondo world? Thank you