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  1. sumdumguy

    KKHOF Educational Video Series

    Hopefully this works out and everyone can benefit from the people's information that have been and will be interviewed in this series. I recommend checking them all out, but here is the Golden Dragon part 1 Enjoy
  2. sumdumguy

    Four Elements of Leverage

    Ok, I keep reading these posts with people calling this a fulcrum and that a fulcrum in different techniques and self-defense scenarios. I realize that these are not taught as part of the "traditional" AK curriculum. I am really just curious to see what the general concensous is about the...
  3. sumdumguy

    Category Completion

    A curiosity! I am not sure if this has been posted previously? If so please just direct me to the post and I will read it. I am really just curious as to what peoples interprataion of this term is. Obviously I have my own, but am curious to see what the general concensus is...