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    Words of wisdom....

  2. Balrog

    How's everyone doing?

    In these days of massive insanity and overreaction, how are you holding out? Are you doing online lessons? Are you staying healthy? How about your students - any reported cases of Covid-19 with them? I personally feel that SWMBO and I dodged a massive bullet by deciding to close our doors...
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    Closing the doors....

    This is a rough day. It will be our last day of operation. This school opened in 1987. I've been the owner since 1994. We've had a good, long run, but it's time to pull the plug. SWMBO and I plan to stay semi-active in the organization, but the day-to-day school operations end tonight. It...
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    I hope Santa is good to everyone!

    Best wishes to all of you for a very happy Christmas, and that 2020 will bring even more success!
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    Okay. this made me laugh

    Had to share!
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    I've missed this place

    Life happened for a while. But like a bad penny......I'm back! I've missed you guys!
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    This might be a very touchy subject....

    Has anyone had a prospect come into the school and during the interview, they tell you that they (or their child) is trans and going from one gender to another? I haven't had it happen yet, but I fully expect it will. How did, or would, you handle this?
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    Well, that was quite a birthday bash

    ATA celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. We just got back from World Championships and it was awesome. Lots of good training, lots of good competition, and we have four new Grand Masters and a new Presiding Grand Master. It was great, but it was hectic and exhausting and I was really...
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    Merry Christmas, everybody

    I sincerely hope 2019 is better for all of us.
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    Why <your martial art here> will get you killed in self defense

    I read those threads. Pure comedy gold. I'd like to suggest to the admins that those threads be unlocked so that we can continue to post the ridicule that old Isaiah has worked so hard to earn. It would be a shame to deprive him of it.
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    Happy Memorial Day!

    I know we have some past, and probably current, military folks on the board. Thank you for your service!
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    GM Jhoon Rhee has died

    "Father of American Taekwondo". And one of my first instructors. :depressed:
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    Leg cramps

    Okay, this is really cramping my style. :D Over the last couple of years, I have started suffering from leg cramps. They mostly occur at night while I'm asleep, and they range from mildly painful and annoying foot cramps to wake-me-up-screaming, agonizing cramps in the inside of my thighs...
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    Some serious m.a. .......... dance moves?

    A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I'm still laughing.
  15. Balrog

    As 2017 draws to a close...

    I've been sitting here thinking back over the last year. It wasn't wonderful, but it wasn't all that bad, either. I'm hoping that 2018 will be better for all of us. SWMBO and I wish every one of you the best of luck in the upcoming New Year!
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    Bullshido: same old, same old

    It's been years since I logged into Bullshido. I don't know what prompted me to do it - feeling masochistic, I guess. Same old, same old. People spouting ignorance, doing money dances on the interwebz, verbal dick waving and a host of other things. Nothing has changed. I'm gonna go find...
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    Why correct grammar is so important

    A little humor for the day: On his 74th birthday, a man got a gift certificate from his wife. The certificate paid for a visit to a medicine man living on a nearby reservation who was rumored to have a wonderful cure for erectile dysfunction! After being persuaded, he drove to the reservation...
  18. Balrog

    Playing a scammer like a trout

    We received the following request from John's Message: Hello I want you to get back to me with the total estimate for 1 month private training for 5 people 3(Female) aged (15, 17 and 21)and 2(Male) aged (16 and 20) for 1 months 2hr daily 3 times a week.they will be coming...
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    Enough to gag a maggot

    I just discovered this today. It's all about how martial arts are evil and the work of the devil, etc. ad nauseam. Gee, who knew? This guy definitely falls into the category of religious whackjob in my book.
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    Took a concealed carry class yesterday...

    ...and was amused at how much it sounded like my self-defense classes. A lot of detail work on Texas law pertaining to firearms, but the rest of it was about conflict resolution, what to do after the use of force, etc. I really enjoyed hearing the things I teach being taught from a different...
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    Public service announcement

    A 'heads up' for those men who may be regular Home Depot customers. This one caught me by surprise. I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned out to be quite traumatic. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen to you or your...
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    Show me the money!

    I'm doing a very informal survey. If you don't mind, would you share your location and pricing? If you do various programs, would you put your program duration and monthly cost? This is just for my own edification. I'll start: Houston, TX Intro program - 177/mo, six months Black Belt...
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    At 0328 this morning, some little dirtbag broke into my school. He didn't get anything, but now we're gonna be out 500 clams that we can't afford to fix the window he came through.
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    Oh, groan....

    Tonight was the second class of the new year. I was lazy over the holidays and actually took a vacation. No training at all, just being a lazy couch tater. It is just astounding how hard we work to get ourselves into shape and how quickly our body forgets how to be in shape. Two weeks of...
  25. Balrog

    Well, it's the first day of the New Year...

    ...and I'm off to the school to finish painting the cubbies and do general cleanup for classes to start back up on Tuesday. No rest for the wicked or the weary. :bawling:
  26. Balrog

    A question about business practices

    Last year, we had a bunch of people default on contracts. They quit coming to class and quit making their monthly payments. We wrote off way too much bad debt in 2015. I want to get more aggressive about collections, so I'm asking what you guys do? If you use a collection agency that gives...
  27. Balrog

    The kidnapping

    There was a blonde woman who was having financial troubles so she decided to kidnap a child and demand a ransom. She went to a local park, grabbed a little boy, took him behind a tree and wrote this note: "I have kidnapped your child. Leave $10,000 in a plain brown bag behind the big oak...
  28. Balrog

    Alternative Education

    Most times, when a student is suspended from school because of behavioral problems, they are sent to an alternative school. This gets them out of the mainstream population, but it doesn't do a great deal to benefit the student. Has anyone ever done a program at one of these alternative...
  29. Balrog

    I'm having a(nother) senior moment

    I've hunted through my profile setting and can't find this: how do we go about setting a preference for a different font style, size, etc.? And I'm quite sure I'll do a facepalm when someone points out how simple it is to do and I totally overlooked it. :D