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  1. Monadnock

    ‘Destroy the idols,’ Egyptian jihadist calls for removal of Sphinx, Pyramids

    Images of prophets, structures built to glorify men, idols and anything that suggests a distraction from the one Creator are not allowed in Islam. The pyramids would fall into one of these categories. It's their country so they can do as they please. Now, I do not think there are many people in...
  2. Monadnock

    Various religions denounce Koran burning. No one showed.

    But you did state that claim. It was highlighted in red above, in your own quote. If you change your claims between posts, it makes the discussion difficult. If it appears I distored something, I am sorry. I really just use the quote feature and highlight in red your own words, so it minimizes...
  3. Monadnock

    Various religions denounce Koran burning. No one showed.

    You're changing what I say, as well as moving the goal posts. Now you include violence in a very general sense. Many cultures and religion condone violence in defense of life and property. Sounds.... almost American, doesn't it? Terrorism is defined as "the use of violence and threats to...
  4. Monadnock

    Various religions denounce Koran burning. No one showed.

    No assumptions here, but you seem to be under the assumption that if you posit an impossible solution that these nations' citizens are not undertaking, it must be because they are sympathetic to terrorism. You're serious, arent you... The only claim I made, to which you decided to reply to...
  5. Monadnock

    Various religions denounce Koran burning. No one showed.

    Easy to depose? How long has the best fighting force been in Afghanistan trying to "depose" the Taliban? 9+ years? Now you think the civilians there can do it with a few rifles? Poverty and border control are actually quite restrictive. Many people are prisoners in their own country just by...
  6. Monadnock

    Various religions denounce Koran burning. No one showed.

    Vocal condemnation of "crazy imams" results in death in countries other than the US. They do not have freedom of speech as we do. I think you will hear more speech against violence by U.S. muslim citizens who do not have to travel overseas where they could be killed for their words. We're...
  7. Monadnock

    Various religions denounce Koran burning. No one showed.

    Wow. This is quite a thread. There are a lot of good points and a fair amount of fluff as well. We need to remember to not fall for the imagery being put on TV in the "news." They thrive on putting the extreme in front of us in order to sell more advertising. It's a freak show. Moving on...
  8. Monadnock

    Shikomizue Kenjutsu school?

    Paul, Can you cite any examples of this being taught officially, outside of SMR? I understand it is part of SMR, and maybe not taught until after the Chudan kata of Jo. (I could be mistaken on the timing, as it may vary between branches.) Thanks, Mike
  9. Monadnock

    Swine Flu?

    Small pox is still very much still here. We just don't catch it. Also, for those looking at the shot versus the spreay for H1N1: For New York state: However, the department of health says close to 380,000 doses of the thimerosal-free...
  10. Monadnock

    Swine Flu?

    Yep. Was bird flu last time. Now its pig flu. Anything for the media to scare up some advertising, as well as let the gov't try out some new laws on forcing the public to do what it says. Also: The shots contain "25,000 times the level of mercury than would be considered toxic if it was in...
  11. Monadnock

    FTC to fine bloggers $11,000 per offense PHILADELPHIA - The Federal Trade Commission will require bloggers to clearly disclose any freebies or payments they get from companies for reviewing their products. It is the first time since 1980 that the commission has...
  12. Monadnock

    Guns To Be Allowed In AZ Bars

    I don't agree 100% with the car/gun analogy. If you are going to drink, there are other methods of transportation, even a designated driver. In the case of self defense, no-one can do that "for" you. Unless we are to hire body guards every time we want a couple of pints. Common sense would...
  13. Monadnock

    Guns To Be Allowed In AZ Bars

    Should we ban alcohol use with steak knives too?
  14. Monadnock

    Guns To Be Allowed In AZ Bars

    It's too bad we have to celebrate every time we get a right given BACK to us.....
  15. Monadnock

    New camera! Feedback wanted please...

    I am assuming your running in an Auto-exposure mode, or some preset mode that a lot of point and shot cameras have. That model looks similar to my nikon point and shoot. The color looks realy good in those pictures, but the hardest thing about the point and shoots is balancing the darks and...
  16. Monadnock

    Drunk Drivers/Drug users,dealers...and other bad guys

    Still Learning is right. It's pretty much a catch and release system, only nowadays, the minimum size of these fish is getting bigger. Gotta let the "little" ones go. I just watched the news the other night and a guy was caught drunk driving for the 12th time. I'm going out on a limb here, but...
  17. Monadnock

    Skynet Is Getting Closer Everyday

    I'm fine with robots, but when the Clone Wars start.... [insert Twilight Zone theme here]
  18. Monadnock

    Me on NBC Augusta! Wish me luck.

    Best of luck, AoG!
  19. Monadnock

    Senate to Vote on carrying across state lines

    (Except Illinois and Wisconsin of course) It's sad we have to fight for what should be an intrinsic right as a human being.
  20. Monadnock

    State of CT closes 2 USSD schools; owner Joe Moscatelli arrested for voyeurism

    Here in the US public schools run background checks on teachers, and it make sense. Public school is required unless you can afford a private school or home school. Pushing this on every private business that works with kids doesn't. It should be optional and let parents decide if they send...
  21. Monadnock

    Choosing a Self Defense Knife

    I like the Emerson folders.
  22. Monadnock

    The 'stabless' knife comes to England

    Why doesn't England just ban anything that isn't NERF ? NERF knives... NERF scissors... NERF screwdriver.... I think I'm going to call my stock broker. Might want to get in on this one early...
  23. Monadnock

    Chasity Bono to get Sex Change Op.

    I caught this on Good Morning America and while I don't really care, it's pretty bad they keep previewing the upcoming live performance of some boy band for all the kids watching this morning, and then they run this story, the American Idol guy who's coming out of the closet and the gay marriage...
  24. Monadnock

    Original Samurai Arts?

    The relation of Aikido to Kukishin-ryu? Let's just say nadda. While a lot of people make the connection between Aiki Ju-Jutsu and Aikido, beacause a) the names are close, b) Ueshiba studied under Takeda, c) the techniqu/kata names are the same, I think that there are very distinct differences...
  25. Monadnock

    Original Samurai Arts?

    You can start with Draeger's works and then follow up with the 3 books published by Koryu Books. For a history on one of the oldest Japanese schools, check out the republished Katori Shinto-ryu book as well. Many ryu trace their lineage back to this school.
  26. Monadnock

    Sakki test with live blade

    Are there any records of the test being applied before Takamatsu?
  27. Monadnock

    My 1st Motorcycle

    MY first bike was a 600cc Kawi, back in ~1997. I rode on permits for years and did not get my license until 2006. I tested on my new CBR1000RR at the time and passed no problem. Depending on your age and maturity, get what you want. If you can crontrol your wrist and ride safe, I say get what...
  28. Monadnock

    Armed, unarmed but armed...

    The biggest problem with any of it is the assumption that you will have access to it in time to save your derriere... People who are experience predators will not give you the chance. The best defense is not to be in such a situation. Nick-nacks like these present a false sense of security...