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  1. Neha

    Hello From Dallas!

    Hi Yall! Just graduated, just moved to Dallas, just got a new job. I have not practices any MA throughout college but I am trying to get into it again. I have been trying classes around town and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I remember! I am still deciding what art form I want to...
  2. Neha

    Reasonable Kickboxing in Dallas?

    This is a repeated thread from a beginner board. I JUST realized this forum might be more appropriate for my question. Sorry if you've seen it twice. Executive SummaryI am looking for a gym/dojo with the following: 1. Intense Training (possibly Muay Thai/kickboxing)2. Young atmosphere3...
  3. Neha

    Looking for an Intense workout in Dallas

    Executive Summary I am looking for a gym/dojo with the following:1. Intense Training (possibly Muay Thai)2. Young atmosphere3. Reasonable duesAnybody know a place like that in Dallas? Okay, so I'm not new to the martial arts with two black belts, but I am definately new to the Dallas...