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  1. oldnovice

    Art of the Warrior Magazine

    Is anyone here subscribing to this magazine, or has anyone seen an issue? I became aware of the magazine through the Tracy's Kenpo website. From it's website, it looks like a quality publication.
  2. oldnovice

    Mr. Bishop, Info on Prof. Nataniel Ortega?

    Mr. Bishop, I ran across the following link on Sifu Nataniel Ortega:, and then saw the following link on Youtube, listing him as Professor Nataniel Ortega: I hadn't heard of the Advanced...
  3. oldnovice

    Characteristics of Tracy's Kenpo

    As someone who isn't very knowledgable about Tracy's Kenpo, EPAK, or other variations, I'd appreciate any feedback regarding how Tracy's Kenpo could be described, in terms of the general characteristics of the art. The forms for Tracy's Kenpo I've seen on Youtube, seem to have more of a kung...
  4. oldnovice

    Starting (again) in Wun Hop Kuen Do

    Thanks to Mr. Bishop, I was able to contact one of my old instructors, from many years ago, and a superb martial artist and teacher, Sifu Art Dacascos. I'm going to be starting some private lessons with him in a couple of weeks, and it's going to be a real privilege, as training under him was in...
  5. oldnovice

    Ryusaki's Hawaiian Kenpo

    Has anyone here trained in Master Bill Ryusaki's Hawaiian Kenpo? A local martial arts school teaches this style, as a prerequisite to training in Kajukenbo. Any thoughts on the characteristics, effectiveness in terms of self defense of this style, etc. would be appreciated.
  6. oldnovice

    Newbie to MartialTalk Forum

    Hello All, I found your Forum, by doing some web searches for Kajukenbo related searches. My martial arts background is very limited. In the '70's I used to spar with amateur boxers. For about six months, in '80 I trained and sparred with some pro and amateur PKA fighters, and fought a...