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    USAT Honors Grand Master Al Cole

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Jan. 15, 2013—The USA Taekwondo Transitional Board of Directors would like to recognize Grandmaster Walter “Al” Cole for a lifetime of service, dedication and contribution to the sport. Instrumental in the Olympic adoption of taekwondo and the further development of the...
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    USOC Slaps Down USAT- Link to Ruling Here you go. Red meat for lunch. Enjoy
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    Junior Olympics Results (bragging)

    OK, have to do the proud papa bragging routine (and will even resist complaining about the USAT for this one thread). My daughter won Gold in forms, weapons and sparring at the Junior Olympics today. Came in third (last) in breaking, but is taking that in stride.
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    Help with "Taekwondo Age" please?

    I have read somewhere and been told that whatever age you will be as of December 31 is he age you compete at during the entire year. i.e. if someone will be 14 on December 31, 2011 even if he does not turn 14 until November, he must compete as a 14 year old throughout 2011. Can anyone tell me...
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    What if you threw a tournament and no one came

    Signed my daughter up for the USAT/Disney/ESPN Rise Girls' Festival National Qualifier in June 4th. Registration closed at 1:59 AM this morning. Only 28 competitors signed up. When I first heard about this tourney, I thought it would be huge. How could you hold a tournament for girls only at...
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    Nunchucks in California for USAT Jr Olympics?

    My 6 year old daughter competed last weekend at the USAT/OMAC Ohio State and Regional Championships and qualified for the USAT Junior Olympics in San Jose in June. (Yes, I realize not hard to do when all you have to do is show up and breathe to qualify these days.) She competed here in Ohio...