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  1. kamishinkan

    anyone heard of this style?

    I have the HMAF front cover scanned but I am unable to post it as an attachment or a file image. I may post it on my website to give it a URL to post a link to.
  2. kamishinkan

    anyone heard of this style?

    Rompida, I am sorry that people who post on these forums made you question what you learned. I can assure you, there is no need to worry. These arguements have all been refuted. If you are talking about the HMAF bulletin, let me know. I can try to scan it in as a jpg and try to post it...
  3. kamishinkan

    anyone heard of this style?

    I am afraid to do this it goes. I have been speaking to the person lately who was the most against the claims of Church and Kamishin Ryu earlier in this thread and he is now in support of all of the claims made by Church. The proof is in the documents. According to Mrluckyman, the...
  4. kamishinkan

    Very High Rank in Many Arts?!?

    I used to not believe in Jr BBs BUT I have changed my mind....somewhat. I do not believe in taking children too early, I like to stay around the 10 year old as a minimum (but have taken 9 year olds on exceptions). At 10 years old it is 6 years to a BB grade (we have a minimum BB age of 16)which...
  5. kamishinkan

    Very High Rank in Many Arts?!?

    Very interesting thread, I have noticed shifts in the martial arts in the short time I have trained (25+ years) and some interesting shifts historically in MA as well (as in long before me). In the research I have done in the early 1900's in what we would consider modern MA, it was not uncommon...
  6. kamishinkan

    How Long Should It Take....

    I agree, there seems to be this overall assumption that the attacker would be very skilled. Even in our training, modern minds seem to think that a training method may be "unrealistic" because of the possibility of counters, etc. The assumption is the incredible skill of an offender. From what I...
  7. kamishinkan

    How Long Should It Take....

    Interesting question, I am not sure it can be reasonably answered. It would seem that it would depend on the attack/attacker. An untrained attacker that is attacking with an easily defendable attack may be able to be stopped by someone who has only trained a few months. The more determined and...
  8. kamishinkan

    jukken jutsu/gentle fist

    This is interesting, in our art we have methods called Juken (soft fist) and Goken (hard fist). Our art is a 'combined' system of hard and soft methods. I have never heard of this before as a style/system. Very interesting.
  9. kamishinkan

    Other Styles?

    I agree, It seems that Martial Arts have mostly been adapted from other styles over the years. Today though, modern MA practitioners seem to be frowned upon for doing the same practice. We are told that traditional arts must be kept "pure" even though history proves these 'historical' arts were...
  10. kamishinkan

    If you had to choose one of these 3

    Kempo and Japanese Jujutsu......Why? Because that is what I do. :D Sorry, just had to do it. I believe that between those two you would have a pretty well rounded curriculum.
  11. kamishinkan

    Fundamentalist "Christians?"

    I've never questioned that;what I've said, and will continue to say, is that most "Christians," don't-including many who call themselves "fundamentalist." You, as far as I'm concerned, can do whatever you want, and call yourself whatever you want to. I've got a question, though- Do you think...
  12. kamishinkan

    Fundamentalist "Christians?" two?? I could name more than two BUT I will refrain. The last time I was sucked into that trap, any "scholar" I named was just blown off........ So besides that, Matthew 15:11 does not apply to dietary law. Read the verse IN CONTEXT Matt 15:2 "Why do Your disciples...
  13. kamishinkan

    Fundamentalist "Christians?"

    The vision in Acts 10 was explained a few verses later and was interpreted by Peter as having nothing to do with dietary law. Acts 10:17 Now while Peter wondered within himself what this vision which he had seen meant...... If the vision meant what he saw why wonder????? Verse 28...
  14. kamishinkan

    Fundamentalist "Christians?"

    It is also not just the "Jews" that keep kosher. It is for anyone who believes the word of God is useful for living. I keep Kosher because I do not believe Yeshua (Jesus) broke any commandment nor taught His followers to break them either! As was already said, there are some discussions over...
  15. kamishinkan

    Fundamentalist "Christians?"

    Look at that, I come back and re-read my post and realize I mis-spelled fundamentalist.......Jeez I can't even spell what I am :rofl:. Just for my own defense, I was running out the door right after writing the post, I guess I should slow down! :rolleyes:
  16. kamishinkan

    Fundamentalist "Christians?"

    I have read this post with some "disbelief"......The thought that "fundementalist" Christians are somehow "haters" and use the Torah to justify it, well is just ridiculous! As always, there are those who call themselves christians and use the Bible to justify their actions (remember the...
  17. kamishinkan

    School Spankings

    Absolutely AGREE!!!!! When I was in school, or at a friends house, the paddling was just as if I was at home. When I got home, my mother cared about me some more (no regard for double jeopardy).:) Today to spank a child is considered abuse, I believe abuse is not spanking your children! Our...
  18. kamishinkan

    USMC CQC manual

    Love the link. It is alot like what I learned in the Army in the 80's. I hear they have changed to ground fighting now.
  19. kamishinkan

    How formal is your school?

    Very Formal. On a scale from 1-10, I would say a 9. We have a formal bow in at the beginning of class, bow to each other at the beginning of paired exercises, always use proper titles (sensei, etc). We also have a formal kneeling bow out at the end of each class. The only reason I would not give...
  20. kamishinkan

    Linking Martial Arts..........

    I have always looked for the links (or applied my own) between my martial training and the spirituality I follow (Chrisitanity). I believe they go hand in hand, just as many spiritual systems that have been "attached" to the martial arts over the years do. As far as Christianity being much...
  21. kamishinkan

    Does your school misrepresent the black belt?

    Just a thought as well, In our school it takes about 3 1/2 - 4 years to reach 1st Black (Shodan). I realize that alot of people have been handed that rank in America in much less time, and not really earning it, usually at the feet of the greed of the schools. Most of these give the black...
  22. kamishinkan

    What church do you attend?

    I attend a non/interdenominational 'pentecostal type" Christian church with a strong emphasis on the Hebrew roots of the faith. We believe in the Torah as God's revealed instructions for believers and observe the feasts of God (Passover, Unleavened Bread, Trumpets, etc.) Great group of people...
  23. kamishinkan

    When is enough enough?

    Pretty interesting situation. Advice on this would be hard to give since a lot of factors would have to be assumed here. Assuming you are a great student/instructor and train hard, I would very respectfully ask your sensei what you need to improve on to be eligible for a test/review. Assuming...
  24. kamishinkan

    When Should Weapon's Training Begin?

    We begin weapons training (Bo, Jo, Sword) after the student earns Shodan (1st Black Belt).
  25. kamishinkan

    How old were you when you first started Martial Arts?

    Started right at 10 years old.
  26. kamishinkan

    Hip problems

    I have never known any martial artists that have had to have hip replacements or hip problems, BUT I have heard the stories. I was told by an old instructor that it has to do with HOW a person is taught to kick. Some styles teach turning kicks that do not release the pelvic area to a natural...
  27. kamishinkan

    DF: Roy Suenaka: Aikido tough guy!

    Suenaka Shihan is sort of a "living legend" here in Charleston. He and Church Shihan used to work together and do some in-house demonstrations with their students. Some of our (Kamishin Ryu) people have trained with Suenaka sensei and all tell of his amazing Aikido!!!
  28. kamishinkan

    Wearing a ring during a fight.

    I have never hit anything (or anyone) with a ring. The reason is a friend many years ago hit a guy in the face with a high-school ring on and cut his finger to the bone. I have been ring shy since! I am sure it has to do with the style of ring though.
  29. kamishinkan

    Ashida Kim.

    This stuff is too funny!!!! To bad some people believe this stuff is real???? :xtrmshock
  30. kamishinkan

    Ashida Kim.

    I agree as well, he must know!?!?!? Still laughing at the clip