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  1. hogstooth

    Okinawan Karate

    In your opinion which of the okinawan arts is better for self defense and why. Now I am not asking this to get a war started between the different styles I just thought it would be interesting to hear different points of view because I have seen a lot of posts stating that "I am new to the MA's...
  2. hogstooth

    Iron Palm Training

    Can anyone tell me the steps of conditioning in iron palm?
  3. hogstooth

    Legitimate or fake?

    I was searching the web on a specific style I have always been interested in. I will not state the name just incase this guy is legitimate but it is a Chinese MA. Anyway I was reading different sites and came across one that the guy claimed to be a master and had his credentials posted. It all...
  4. hogstooth

    Degrading other schools

    In another thread titled "could Mcdojo be a good thing" Touch of Death stated that if you ask a school what they think of your school they would say that you are a McDojo. Why is that? Unless they are a true McDojo just pushing out 5 year old BB, why would one school knock another? There is many...
  5. hogstooth


    Ok I was wondering how everyone conditions or if thet condition. I'd like to see it in this formate. If you don't condition just say no. If you do list the body part / and the method For example; Knuckles / makiwara, knuckle ups, heavy bag back hand / makiwara, heavy bag Shin /...
  6. hogstooth

    Been away

    I haven't been able to access the forums for awhile. My works fire wall blocked this site for some reason. I have also been busy trying to get work now that the economy in our area has been a little slow. Any way I am glad to be back.
  7. hogstooth


    The point sparring vs. real fighting thread got me back on this subject and I thought I would ask the question. How many of you incorporate full contact into your training? I will clairify Full contact. Sparring with the intent to hit your opponent. Usually to the body only with certain areas...
  8. hogstooth

    White belt

    After reading and responding to the thread "stop trying to pull the wool over my eyes" I thought this deserved more discussion. It discussed a student of one art wanting to transfer into another art as the rank s/he was in the previous style. What is so bad about a white belt? It is a starting...
  9. hogstooth

    Instructors and Humility

    I am amazed how many different belts there are above black. My family and I went to visit relatives. My nephew has been studying Karate for 3 years and wanted me to meet his instructors. When I walked into his dojo I saw a man wearing a red belt and two other men wearing a red/white belts. They...
  10. hogstooth


    I am a Godan and have been studying the arts for 29 years. I have studied Matsubayashi-Ryu, Kobayashi-Ryu, Goju-Ryu, Isshin-Ryu, Shotokan, Shogoshin, Kobudo, Judo, Iaido and hand-to-hand combat in the Marine Corps. I have been training with a few friends the past 5 years to stay active. My...