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  1. J W

    19th-Century Samurai Training Text Deciphered Thought those of you who don't visit Yahoo often might be interested in this link.
  2. J W

    Sushi making tutorial

    Found a good video on how to make sushi, thought some of you might find it useful.
  3. J W

    Wing Chun with a side order of Judo

    I hadn't really considered "cross-training" (not anytime soon, anyway), but one of those local e-mail deals popped up recently for a Judo / BJJ school nearby. It's a pretty good deal ($99 for 3 months), and their beginner's "fundamentals" class fits well around my Wing Chun training schedule...
  4. J W

    Varieties of Wing Chun

    Hi all. I’m brand new to Wing Chun, just started a few weeks ago. I think I have a very basic grasp of Wing Chun principles, but certainly haven’t gotten to any of the finer points yet. Still trying to wrap my head around Siu Nim Tao and Pak Sao. I’m always interested in the history of the...