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  1. The Master

    i give you thing you know

    My good people, I fear this pretender is only seeking to cause commotion and discord amongst you. See there his waiting gaze, hungry for the attention he is so deprived of! Seek not to feed that need, but to starve him. His antics have strewn this fine section with the flotsam and jetsam of an...
  2. The Master

    Sheeps, Sheepdogs & Wolves; Why Psychological Arcgetypes are dangerious

    Some spend too much valuable yet finite time postulating the whyness of which, while ignoring the much more pertinent whichness of why. The Possibilities of intellectual engagement allude to to purposes both sublime yet pristine. Do you understand yet the purpose for this existence yet? Have you...
  3. The Master


    My dear lady, I strongly suspect that factual discourse is not this cad's intent here but to continue to foster a state of disruption.
  4. The Master


    Anyone who applauds the cowardly acts of men such as those who performed these heinous actions, is in my mind, little more than a reprehensible Curr himself, and worthy of nothing more than scorn and public mocking. A mind so sick, and an intellect so debauched, deserves nothing else.
  5. The Master

    Kug Maky Ung Ryu Ninjitsu

    I stated this once before here, however I see that it qualifies for repeat. Why should one waste time on failed experimenting when one can assemble a functional modern art from a buffet of tried and true techniques? Sure, you might miss vital and valuable insights and guidance, however since...
  6. The Master

    Men charged with plotting to kill Obama

    Men of narrow mind and low character always seek the cowards way to smite their enemies. Men of broad mind and good character face their challenges head on, and use all the tools at their disposal to conquer those challenges. Which side of that coin these feeble-minded ruffians lie is apparent.
  7. The Master

    Democrats break the law to dig up dirt on plumber

    One must use whatever means are at ones disposal in the investigation and processing of ones enemies. What is the law when one stands for a higher purpose?
  8. The Master

    The Martial Arts BS to English Guide

    A most entertaining and enjoyable read, spot on in many ways.
  9. The Master

    Misuse of Titles, and Good Ol Boy Rankings

    The use of titles is a recent development, in the past there were merely the teacher and the learners. Commercialisation requires a hierarchy however to track casual dabblers in the fighting arts. True understanding of the higher leads to an enlightened self, one that needs no long array of...
  10. The Master

    P.U.R.E Progressive Uninterrupted Rapid Execution

    So here we are, together again, nearing the end of the promised time, and as expected by the many, there is no sign of that which was promised and foretold that we should expect. One might take the departure of those promoting this most advanced and progressive system as a capitulation to the...
  11. The Master

    A democratic Socialist agenda?

    The Esteemed Mr. Obama will inherit a disaster 8 years in the making. The question is not what agenda he has, but what he will do to stop the bleeding. If he achieves that, no one will care which policy he holds dear. In any modern government, one must understand that some Socialism is a good...
  12. The Master

    Sarah Palin for President?

    The Esteemed Mrs. Palin has clawed her way up from obscurity, beginning with a mayorship of a forgettable backwater town in the wilderness, to the governorship of the land of snow and ice and oil and crab. She now chaffs under the leash of her handlers, lest she slip the lead and go public an...
  13. The Master

    P.U.R.E Progressive Uninterrupted Rapid Execution

    To be sarcastic is not in my nature my good doctor. There is however an assuredness of opinion that some misread as arrogance. My support or non support of any one or any thing is a matter of perspective, and perspective as they say is a three sided sword.
  14. The Master

    P.U.R.E Progressive Uninterrupted Rapid Execution

    Arrogance? Hardly. Honesty? Absolutely. What value is there in centuries of tradition, generations of perfection? You claim that your techniques are proved time and time again, yet I see no ancient scrolls explaining how to handle modern situations. The weapons of those texts are farm...
  15. The Master

    P.U.R.E Progressive Uninterrupted Rapid Execution

    The concept of allegiance to such an archaic concept is not one to which I subscribe. Surely a man of your advanced wisdom would agree. I view myself as having advanced beyond such primitive notions, which are beneath such advanced thinkers as you and I. Certainly, when one is faced with the...
  16. The Master

    P.U.R.E Progressive Uninterrupted Rapid Execution

    It is a great shame that that more of the mundanes are so limited and narrow in their world view so as to not recognise great innovation when it appears. Too often it seems these narrow minds get caught up on ideas, skills and techniques that are hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of years...
  17. The Master

    Is kata and bunkai a waste of time?

    A most interesting piece which while entertaining, was far from enlightening, given it's prevarication and falsity. You are familiar with all other sports and combat training systems, styles and methodologies then? Hand both a broom handle, or a folding chair, or a beer bottle. Now who...
  18. The Master

    Why are you here?

    I lurk and ponder many things, as time oft leaves me lacking to formulate a proper communication for this medium, but ponder much I do. One of the recent ponderings I entertained was the question of why we are here. Now that question might seem better suited for another section, but please...
  19. The Master

    What do you see?

    My previous inquiry was well received so I will post another for pondering. Man is driven by several needs. The need for wealth, the need for recognition, the need for fame, the need for control, the need for power, the need for acceptance, the need to belong. Other needs are more primitive...
  20. The Master

    Do you, or Don't you?

    The answers herein have been an enjoyable read. I see that some have begun to think outside of the box. Very good.
  21. The Master

    Do you, or Don't you?

    I promised when I began that I would answer, but after others had time to ponder the question. Here is my answer. I would. Without hesitation, without regret, without remorse. I would be called a hero and a leader for doing it. As have others who in the past have done the same and similar...
  22. The Master

    Do you, or Don't you?

    Expand the scope of your thinking. You are focusing on one simple aspect of the example, but are missing the grander scope of the question. So, change it somewhat. Under what circumstances would it be acceptable to condemn a large portion of the populace to instant death? Ignore the issue of...
  23. The Master

    Do you, or Don't you?

    Bravo! An excellent retort. Still, I shall hold my answers for a brief period.
  24. The Master

    It's Raining Grand Masters.

    I see that many here understood my message. Bravo. I mention his age, and assorted ranks and title, and add that his training started quite young. He does in fact have approximately 30 years of martial art training. Some of the arts he trained in he came up from a white belt, tested, and...
  25. The Master

    Do you, or Don't you?

    A question was asked in general among a group that I often debate with concerning a rather interesting and though provoking topic. The debate is of course, of no concern, but the question is. I'll ask it here and leave a few examples and wait for discussion before presenting my answer. If...
  26. The Master

    It's Raining Grand Masters.

    In my travels along this electronic highway, I often come across countless individuals who profess great merit, greater knowledge and even greater ability. Some examples include 1 individual with 10 tenth degrees in various arts, a founder of a "real fighting art" who also claimed ranks above...
  27. The Master

    Troopers Use Cars To Ram Suspects

    While I may agree with you on the idea that said officers should not have done these actions, and should be held fully accountable for them, I still am in disagreement with you on the use of a derogatory term which members of the law enforcement community may be offended by. Your points are...
  28. The Master

    Troopers Use Cars To Ram Suspects

    It is good to see that I am not alone in being offended by this "Tellners" use of inflammatory language in describing the officers in questions. While I find their behaviour as written here reprehensible, I am equally disgusted by the lack of tact shown by this wretched individual.
  29. The Master

    Gays in the MA's

    It is truly enlightening to see individuals true selves revealed, in their choice of words. Who one finds of interest is of as little interest to me as who they prefer in the general elections, or their preference of drink. What matters is, their desire to learn and teach, nothing more. As...
  30. The Master

    Video From The Daily Show, Marines In Berkeley

    "pseudo intellectuals". Very nice. There is, I must say, nothing "pseudo" about my intellect. But then, I didn't relax on a ship while the real men were out actually fighting either. Some of us have actually read the Constitution and other government documents and understand things. Others...